David Paterson

* After being bombarded with hurricanes, earthquakes, and cholera, I can hardly blame the people of Haiti for rioting over an election that appears to have been rigged. [BBC]

* A Kansas church will be protesting at Elizabeth Edwards’s funeral. Nobody seems to know why. [WRAL]

* Now the police are getting into the game of spying on you while you check out porn. Oh no, that’s State Action’s music playing. He’s stepping into the ring! This can’t be good. [Forbes]

* Lawyers do NOT make Gawker’s list of ten most depressing jobs in America! Thanks, Cahill Gordon, you came though just in the nick of time. [Gawker]

* Glad to see that Justice Kennedy wields his unimaginable power with such thoughtful deliberation. [Law Librarian Blog]

* David PaTTTerson pardoned six immigrants facing deportation. Apparently he thought it was random and cruel to send them back to… New Jersey. [ACSBlog]

Gillibrand Senator.jpg* Governor Patterson has chosen Kirsten Gillibrand, a 42-year-old New York congresswoman, to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate. [Reuters]

* On the 36th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade protestors gather for the annual March for Life on the National Mall. [The Los Angeles Times]

* The Senate has confirmed six members of Obama’s cabinet but Attorney General-designate Eric Holder is still waiting. [The Associated Press]

* Blagojevich may file a lawsuit challenging “unfair” Senate trial rules to the state Supreme Court. [The Washington Post]

* Obama ordered the Justice Department to review the case of an accused al-Qaida agent, the only enemy combatant held on US soil. [The Associated Press]