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    Tom Benson’s Kinfolk Deserve Nothing

    The New Orleans Saints proves why we need an Estate Tax.

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    Non-Sequiturs: 12.12.12

    * It’s 12/12/12. Or as rational people call it, “just another Wednesday already, God.” [ABC News]

    * Elizabeth Warren is going to be on the Senate Banking Committee. Boom. How ya like me now. [Reuters]

    * Do women make better lawyers than men? For some reason this question made me want to make a really sexist joke. But I’m afraid of being yelled at by feminists. Afraid, like a little girl. [Law Frat]

    * Verizon to take on copyright trolls. I hope this leads to a commercial with that Verizon 4G woman playing whack-a-mole in a sun dress. [Torrent Freak]

    * You know what could keep us from falling off the fiscal cliff? The death tax? Mwahahaha. [Tax Prof Blog]

    * SCOTUSblog is looking to hire a good law student or LL.M. student. Qualification #1: you should probably know what SCOTUS refers to. [SCOTUSblog]

    * Lindsey Lohan had her probation revoked. If you are one of the people who care about this story, thus necessitating this mention of it, I hope bad things happen to you this holiday season. I’m serious, if you care about Lindsey Lohan, I hope Santa brings you herpes. [TMZ]

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  • No one likes a lazy welfare zombie.

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    Welcome to Zombie Law 101

    When the zombie apocalypse arrives, how should the government handle taxing the undead?

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    Estate Tax Compromise Could Save Thousands of Lives (of Millionaires)

    Late last night, Congress passed a compromise tax bill that will, among other things, cap the estate tax at 35% (with a $5 million exemption). If not for this compromise, the estate tax would have returned in 2011, at rates as high as 55 percent (with a $1 million exemption). Hallelujah. Anytime you can save […]

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