When I was a lawyer, I often fantasized about being in a non-fatal traffic accident to get out of work. Not “faking” a non-fatal accident, but actually allowing myself to be struck by a moving vehicle.

I didn’t like my job. But I’m no liar. I’m not like this guy who pretended he was too sick to go to work when he was really just unprepared…

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Before the reality of being a lawyer in the 21st century set in, I bet you had an image in your head of what that would look like. A big office, fancy diplomas on the wall and a door that actually closed. Maybe some of you were more realistic in your daydreams, and you anticipated the officemate drama that can dominate the life of a first year associate. Even so, after a year or so of that malarkey your very own office was going to be a reality. Wasn’t it?

Yesterday Joe wrote about the rich tapestry of sadness that is the world of the unemployed lawyer. I’ll see your sadness blankey and raise you a pillow of despair.

Because as bad as it is to sit at home unemployed, at least it’s not a biohazard…

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