Judge Boyce F. Martin Jr.

  • Judge Boyce F. Martin Jr.

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    Was This ‘Judicial Giant’ Toppled By An Ethics Investigation?

    How much did the judge agree to pay back to the federal government in travel expenses? A six-figure sum….

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  • Try me. Just. F'ing. Try me.

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    Non-Sequiturs: 01.21.14

    * GEEZER FIGHT!!! (Still not as good as the all-time classic embedded after the jump) [Lowering the Bar]

    * Judge Boyce Martin apparently racked up nearly $140,000 in improper expenses. Now he’s gone from the Sixth Circuit. At least he finally has some time to travel. [Talking Points Memo]

    * The University of Wisconsin got smacked with a lawsuit over its decision to get rid of student government because student governments are useless application padding for tools for no reason. I want this to go to trial just to hear everyone “Badger” the witness. [The Chronicle of Higher Education]

    * Thompson Reuters Concourse is getting serious. They just added Drafting Assistant, Westlaw Doc & Form Builder, and WestlawNext Practitioner Insights to the platform and promise more on the way. At this rate, I’m expecting a big “WestPhone” & “WestPad” unveiling in a few weeks. [Legal Current]

    * The story of the late Duke law student whose family was hounded by Sallie Mae for repayment may have come to a conclusion. [Think Progress]

    * “You Don’t Have to be Jewish to Love a Kosher Prison Meal.” [New York Times]

    * Some law students at the University of Utah Law School have created a humor journal. Here’s the latest issue. I wonder what current events issue law students in Utah are going to write about… [The ScoffLaw]

    * Ed Kilgore of the Progressive Policy Institute weighed in on how Chris Christie’s BridgeGate stemmed, in part, from his experiences as a prosecutor and cited our article on the subject in the process. [Washington Monthly]

    As we await the Super Bowl, let’s talk about the 1963 Grey Cup! Here are two Canadian Football legends meeting up 48 years after that nasty championship game. It gets testy.

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  • 250px-Makers_Mark

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    Wow, This Sixth Circuit Judge Knows A Lot About Bourbon

    It’s not every day that a federal appellate ruling doubles as an informative history lesson about bourbon whiskey.

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  • Affirmative Action, Education / Schools, Law Schools

    Are Legacy Admissions Unconstitutional?

    Here’s seemingly every affirmative action conversation I’ve had since I started working at Above the Law: PLEBES: Affirmative action is racist — reverse-racist. It lets an under-qualified minority get into a school I deserved to get into, just because of their skin color! And why? Because 100 years ago things were tough for blacks? Not […]

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