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Rick Pitino and Karen Sypher

Just because a man deposits on your leg doesn’t mean you can take him to the bank. The jury in the Karen Sypher eight-day trial began deliberating yesterday at 3 p.m., and finished up today after about five hours — an eternity in Rick Pitino time.

While it may have been embarrassing for Louisville basketball coach Pitino to testify about his terrible sexual performance, it led to Sypher being found guilty of extortion, lying to federal agents, and witness retaliation. The jury is still out on whether she’s guilty of giving creepy head.

Sypher guilty on all counts [WAVE 3]
Sypher found guilty on all counts [Kentucky Sports Radio]

Earlier: The Bluegrass State’s Sordid Sports Trial (Or: University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino must really hate Karen Sypher)

Rick Pitino and Karen Sypher

Every sports fan we know is bugging us to cover the prosecution of Karen Sypher, a former car-show model and auto-glass saleswoman, who is being tried for extorting University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino, lying to the FBI, and retaliation against a witness. Since it concerns balls, it seems like a natural fit for resident ATL sports fan Elie Mystal, but there’s lots of sex in the trial testimony as well, so the case has been reassigned to me.

Well, not lots of sex. A little bit of sex. Like 15 seconds of it.

The trouble started with a sexual encounter between Pitino and Sypher back in 2003. Pitino, who is married with children, says the encounter was consensual. Sypher says it was rape. It gets really complicated from there. Lots of salacious stuff has come out of the trial: Pregnancy. Abortion. Extortion. Multiple lovers. Sypher giving her lawyer, Dana Kolter, a blow job to get representation. You know, pretty standard stuff…

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(Or: University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino must really hate Karen Sypher)