Lara Jade Coton

Kirsten Gillibrand, junior Senator from NY and purported MILF

* This “Kirsten Gillibrand as MILF” thing makes me vaguely uncomfortable. She’s blond. Okay. And…? I’m not sure she is/was attractive enough to work at the hottie haven of Davis Polk, much less be in Vogue. [Law Shucks]

* As I tried to explain on Twitter, going shooting with Antonin Scalia sounds like a bad idea if you are a new, liberal justice. [Gawker]

* The Ninth Circuit panel reviewing Arizona’s immigration law doesn’t look very friendly to those who hate Mexicans. [Politico]

* Avoiding the “of counsel” no man’s land. [Technolawyer]

* Woman contemplates paying off $45K dental bill with a positive blog post, but then changes her mind and gets sued. If you ever see me writing a post glorifying Harvard Law School, now you know why. [ABA Journal]

* The So You Want to Go to Law School video, which we posted about ages ago (so no need to send it to us), continues to make the rounds. Now it’s the highlight of this week’s excellent Blawg Review. [An Associate's Mind via Blawg Review]

* Professor Eric Goldman has an update on the Lara Jade Coton case. Congrats to Lara Jade and her lawyer, Richard Harrison. [Technology & Marketing Law Blog]

Lara Jade Coton pornography porn Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.JPGThis is from earlier in the week, but it’s worthwhile. From Consumerist:

Remember Lara, whose self-portrait was stolen from deviantART and used as the cover of a porn DVD? Yeah, she’s suing the shady pornographers. Good for Lara.

You can read the entire complaint on The Smoking Gun, but here’s the best part:

“Apparently, merely ridiculing Lara Jade was no longer satisfying so Burge [that's the pornographer] and TVX felt the need to accuse Lara Jade of “scheming,” by which Burge presumably meant to suggest that Lara Jade, a teenager in England, had intentionally allowed her creative work to be placed on the internet in the hope that it would be stolen by a pornographic video manufacturer in Texas and used as the cover of a re-packaged 1970’s era pornographic movie so she could then locate the Texas-based pornographer in the hope of extracting compensation from it. The absurdity of this notion is readily apparent.”

Lara’s lawyer is awesome.

We concur. With advocacy like this, the presumption that someone named “Lara Jade” is a porn star can be rebutted.

UPDATE (10/2010): In September 2010, Lara Jade was vindicated, when a court ruled in her favor and awarded her $130,000 in damages. Congratulations to Lara Jade and her lawyer, Richard Harrison of Allen Dell in Tampa, Florida.

Girl Whose Photo Was Stolen And Used For Porn DVD Sues [Consumerist]
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