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    Moonlighting: Soft Skill Strategies That Aren’t Too Hard

    Last week, we looked at why lawyers need soft skills and noted that there’s a general lack of this kind of training for them. Today, we’ll consider some strategies for learning to play nice in the legal sandbox. As mentioned last week, there are so many different types of soft skills — communication, leadership, management, […]

    20 Comments / / Jan 20, 2012 at 5:06 PM
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    Moonlighting: Why You Should Be a Big Softie at Work

    Everyone talks about how soft skills are important for success. Soft skills, also referred to as people skills, EQ, et cetera, are key to influence, persuasion, karaoke smack-talk, and many other aspects of being a savvy lawyer and advocate. They’re essential for both in-house and law firm attorneys. But what are soft skills exactly? We […]

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