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    Law Firm Merger Mania: Greenberg Traurig Flirts With A British Suitor

    Greenberg Traurig’s CEO has criticized mergers with overseas law firms in the past, but could this particular deal make strategic sense?

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    Non-Sequiturs: 01.29.16

    * Five years later, and one of them enrolled at Yale Law, the kids of Tiger Mom, Amy Chua, plan to raise their own children the same way. [Today]

    * Rome self-censors for a state visit from Iranian president Hassan Rouhani. How, exactly, was this a good idea? [Popehat]

    * Should the ABA change accreditation standards to prevent students with little chance of actually passing the bar examination from attending law school in the first place? [TaxProf Blog]

    * Missouri paid its executioners $250,000 in cash. That doesn’t seem shady AT ALL. [BuzzFeed]

    * The whole Ammon Bundy debacle is teaching people damn the consequences. [Lawyers, Guns and Money]

    * If you need to scale a courthouse in order to get a selfie with lady liberty, just don’t do it, you could wind up in jail. [KWTX]

    * What does Rudy Giuliani really think about Preet Bharara? Plus why he loves being a lawyer. [Big Law Business / Bloomberg BNA]

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    Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 01.28.16

    * Now that Rudy Giuliani’s in the news again thanks to his departure from his namesake firm, he’s letting his opinions be known on all sorts of things relevant to lawyers and law students. In fact, he thinks law school should be four years long. Go back into the woodwork, Rudy. [Big Law Business / Bloomberg BNA]

    * After a decade on SCOTUS, Justice Samuel Alito hasn’t strayed from his conservative roots like some of his colleagues. He “has been every bit as conservative as conservatives could have dreamed — and as liberals would have feared.” [ABA Journal]

    * Prior to Martin Shkreli’s arrest, prosecutors obtained a secret order nullifying attorney-client privilege in communications between the pharma bro and his Biglaw attorney. Per records, this case has been ongoing since before he outed himself as a d-bag. [Reuters]

    * “Whether I want to marry or not, it should be my right to decide.” China’s first-ever lawsuit challenging its ban on same-sex marriage is expected to be heard in court today. In a country as conservative as China, this could be revolutionary. [New York Times]

    * Shake those pom-poms, because the New York Jets have reached a settlement with the team’s cheerleaders in a lawsuit filed over alleged wage theft. The J-E-T-S will pay out $324,000, making it the fourth NFL team to settle such a suit. [New York Daily News]

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    Non-Sequiturs: 01.26.16

    * Harvard Law professor Larry Lessig is now depending on a future President Trump to enact the campaign finance reforms he built his failed presidential bid upon. He’ll be waiting for a while. [The Crimson]

    * Ted Cruz has pretty much always been a douche. [Funny or Die]

    * The People v. O.J. Simpson explores racism, sexism, and more — all through costume. [Fashionista]

    * U.S. Senators: They’re just like us! Claire McCaskill live-tweets her jury duty experience. [The Slot]

    * How can you avoid burnout as a lawyer? [Associate’s Mind]

    * Why are embattled public defender offices actually excited about the lawsuits against them? [Christian Science Monitor]

    * Practical advice for taking advantage of the opportunities that are staring you right in the face. [Guile is Good]

    * Get the inside scoop on why Rudy Giuliani jumped ship to Greenberg Traurig. [Big Law Business / Bloomberg BNA]

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    Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 01.20.16

    * Justice Judy? According to a poll conducted by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, about 10 percent of college graduates think that Judith Sheindlin, aka Judge Judy, serves on the bench of the Supreme Court. [CNN]

    * If you haven’t heard, Houston-based firm Bracewell & Giuliani lost one of its famous name partners this week. Former New York Mayor and founding New York partner Rudy Giuliani is taking his nouns and verbs about 9/11 and heading to presumably greener pastures at Greenberg Traurig. [DealBook / New York Times]

    * Yeehaw! Ride ’em, partners! Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe is the latest Biglaw firm to open an outpost in Houston, Texas, and there’s no better way to staff an office in the Wild Wild West than to poach 20 partners from your competitor firms. [Texas Lawyer]

    * Texas Wesleyan Law graduates have officially lost the diploma war they’ve been waging against Texas A&M Law. A judge recently dismissed their case for want of any evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever. [National Law Journal via Courthouse News Service]

    * Martin Shkreli is sick and tired of being depicted as nothing more than a “pharma bro” in the press, so he’s decided to get new legal representation in his securities fraud case, as if that’ll somehow solve all of his problems. [Big Law Business / Bloomberg BNA]

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  • Justice RBG as a sassy chihuahua.

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    Morning Docket: 10.29.14

    * “I thought it was hilarious. And I imagine my colleagues who have seen it would share that view.” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has seen John Oliver’s talking Supreme Court dogs, and she totally LOLed about it. [WSJ Law Blog]

    * Hey guys, guess who’s excited about a yet-to-occur increase in law school applications? If you guessed law school admissions officers, then you’d be right. Come on, what else are they going to do now, cry? [National Law Journal]

    * We suppose some congratulations are in order for Ave Maria Law, because now the school doesn’t have to provide insurance coverage for its employees’ contraceptives. Yay, thanks Hobby Lobby! [LifeNews]

    * Manuel Noriega’s “Call of Duty” lawsuit was dismissed earlier this week, and Rudy Giuliani is just glad that “a notorious criminal didn’t win.” Let’s get real here: the dictator’s rep was already damaged. [CNN]

    * “Can we talk?” Melissa Rivers called a plaintiffs firm to ask the question made famous by her late mother, Joan Rivers. Her malpractice and wrongful death suit will be coming soon. [Page Six / New York Post]

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    Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: The Conspiracy

    This week, Legal Eagle Wedding Watch salutes some tender new lawyer marriages. Read on for all the juicy details on these newlyweds, plus a recap of all the recent legal-eagle nuptials….

    11 Comments / / Apr 6, 2012 at 3:02 PM
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    An Afternoon With Jeh Johnson, General Counsel of the Defense Department

    Jeh C. Johnson, General Counsel of the Department of Defense, can be described as one of the most powerful and influential lawyers in the entire federal government. Our very own David Lat had the pleasure of interviewing him.

    27 Comments / / Jul 5, 2011 at 10:04 AM
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    Lawsuit of the Day: A Gallery of Rogues

    The lawsuit captioned Dreier LLP v. Judith Regan was filed back in March 2008, months before Ponzi schemer Marc Dreier’s eponymous law firm went bust. But it’s back in the headlines as of today, thanks to some juicy documents unearthed by the New York Times. The documents in question — affidavits that were supposed to […]

    7 Comments / / Feb 24, 2011 at 3:20 PM
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    Next-Level Law & Order Analysis

    In the blogosphere the people are divided into two seperate yet equally important groups: the producers who research new content, and the commentators who analyze and talk about it. This is a story of what happens when it all comes together. [ding ding] DET. GREEN: We’ve got a man here, a single man, who has […]

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    All Made Up and Nowhere to Go — Except for Community Service

    Ed. note: This post is by “Juggalo Law,” one of the two writers under consideration to join Morning Dockette as a Morning Docket writer. As always, we welcome your thoughts in the comments. You might remember that a month ago, Caroline Giuliani was busted for stealing $100 worth of cosmetics from a Sephora store on […]

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