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A friend of mine is a plaintiff’s lawyer in Boston. We’ve opposed each other on several cases, and our interactions (always on the phone; weirdly, we’ve never met in person) are characterized by good-natured but acerbic jabs. Typically, he would bemoan my clients’ “colossally stupid” behavior. For my part, I would make fun of his firm’s name.

Don’t get me wrong: his firm is one of the most respected plaintiff’s firms in town. But its name follows the classic ego-gratifying law-firm style of putting all the partners’ surnames on the letterhead. With Biglaw firms, this doesn’t matter much, because the name partners tend to be, well, not-so-much alive. And the sheer number of partners at big firms means that ego notwithstanding, most aren’t getting their names on the sign.

But small firms have (by definition) fewer partners — with just as much ego. And they tend to be living. So the firm names are long and subject to frequent change.

Why is this a problem for small firms, and what they should do about it?

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I hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend. I hope you were able to leave work behind for the long weekend and spend time with your friends and family. I hope you enjoyed good weather, maybe threw a ball around, grilled some steaks, and so forth. It was, after all, the Unofficial Beginning of Summer.

My long weekend was nothing like that. I spent it entirely inside, packing up the offices of Shepherd Law Group, preparing files for a storage facility, and boxing up the rest of the equipment and random stuff for my basement. For me it was, after all, the Unofficial Beginning of the Rest of My Life.

Let me explain: As you may have heard, I started a consulting firm called Prefix, LLC, to teach lawyers and other professionals how to price their knowledge. As a result, I made the decision to close my Boston employment-law firm after 13 years in business.

As I tape up my last box and peel away the sign from the office entrance, I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve learned running a small law firm. These are 13 things I wish I had known when I started.…

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