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    Non-Sequiturs: 05.02.13

    * OMG, you guys! Michael Jackson just died. At least according to concert promoter AEG Live, whose lawyer FINALLY conceded to the claim that Jackson had passed. [CNN]

    * The new NRA President is a tool lawyer! [Washington Times]

    * Jim Beck reviews the works of our own Mark Herrmann: Inside Straight(affiliate link) and Drug and Device Product Liability Litigation Strategy [Drug and Device Law]

    * Quinn Emanuel announces its spoils following up on the departure of Michael Lyle and Eric Lyttle from Weil. [Quinn Emanuel]

    * Studies suggest that the more elite the school, the more likely its female graduates drop out of the work force after getting married and having kids. Women who run in elite circles and are therefore more likely to marry into financial secure partnerships are also less likely to keep grinding away at a job in order to put their kids through school? No kidding. [The Careerist]

    * Administrative Law Judges file suit over perceived quotas that they claim trigger the depletion of Social Security. Cost-cutting legislators think the ALJs should be depleting the fund more. Blerg. [Washington Post]

    * Check out the T-shirt sold at Santa Clara University. The proximity to the Santa Clara Law shirts is… fitting?

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    Everyone Is Being Reasonable

    What happened at the Supreme Court this morning? Several decisions came down. Which ones? Any biggies?

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    Size Matters: Plot Idea For Miss Congeniality 3

    Like most of you, Valerie Katz spends her free time trying to come up with a plot idea for Miss Congeniality 3. It is hard, however, to mess with perfection. Having reached the limits of her creativity, she decided to look to actual events (and, of course, small law firm news) to serve as the inspiration for her movie plot. And she found just what I was looking for, thanks to a real-life Miss Congeniality and Mr. Social Security. Intrigued? Check out photos of a certified hottie, after the break….

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