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    Non-Sequiturs: 01.24.13

    * Twitter ordered to out anti-Semitic users by a French court. France wants to know the names of the anti-Semites so they can surrender to them. [Thomson Reuters News & Insights]

    * How are you feeling, Vermont Law School? Right now, you don’t look so good. [Constitutional Daily]

    * Now you too can see why AIG decided to not sue the government that bailed them out. [Dealbreaker]

    * Seems like these Catholic hospitals aren’t so strident about when life begins when there’s a malpractice lawsuit on the line. [Raw Story]

    * Though, according to some Republicans, fetuses might still be evidence — evidence that rape victims should not be allowed to “tamper” with (what a wonderful little party the GOP has going there). [Gawker]

    * Orly Taitz: Still Bats**t crazy. [Huffington Post]

    * The Maryland State Police have to turn over racial profiling complaints to the NAACP. Man, wouldn’t that have made a good season of The Wire? “The Staties.” Carcetti would be Governor. McNulty would be getting away from it all by tending bar in the D.C. area, only to get sucked back in when he passes a state trooper arresting Bubs for driving while black through Takoma Park. [Baltimore Sun]

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    Morning Docket: 08.10.11

    * With a $10 million donation, it looks like UCLA School of Law can afford to stop playing it fast and loose with its employment statistics. [New York Times] * In light of Facebook’s “smoking gun” evidence of fraud, Paul Ceglia didn’t skip town. He skipped the entire country. [Los Angeles Times] * You can […]

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    University of Baltimore Tries To Keep The Devil Way Down In The Hole

    The University of Baltimore Law School’s former dean blew the lid off the way the University has been making money off the back of the law school, despite the down legal economy. On Monday, UB President Bogomolny disputed the claims. These kinds of “juking the stats” discussions are usually handled behind closed doors, but now we all get to see it….

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    Non-Sequiturs: 02.09.11

    * Hey Elie, check this out: “Money Tips for Young Lawyers.” The top tip: “Get on top of student loans.” [Alpha Consumer / U.S. News & World Report] * What matters more, experience or grades? [Lawyerist] * Who should use a legal recruiter — and who shouldn’t? Recruiter Dan Binstock explains. [The Careerist] * Sports […]

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