Tom Dart

Yesterday in Non-Sequiturs, I mentioned that a bit of a turf war seems to be developing between the Cook County judges and the Sheriff over new security procedures in the courthouse parking lot. Apparently the judges don’t like having to show their identification and open their trunks every time they drive to and from work. Such pre-9/11 thinking.

I quipped that the judges needed to not throw a public fit about it, even though the complaints described in the article sounded reasonable. For example: “’Why are you checking [trunks] in the morning? Am I bringing in someone to escape?’” one judge said in an interview, asking not to be quoted by name.”

Yes, that does sound like an unnecessary check. Other judges made dumber, self-entitled complaints about all the security being an invasion of privacy, even though those same judges raised no complaint over the Proles who submit to those invasions to get to court.

Well, it turns out a faithful reader managed to get ahold of an audio recording of one of the judges calling 911 because the deputies wouldn’t let him out of the parking lot without checking his ID….

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