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    Morning Docket: 01.17.11

    * Lawsuit lending, i.e., investing in lawsuits, is a booming business — but are plaintiffs getting screwed (again)? [New York Times] * The “state secrets” doctrine goes before the Supreme Court tomorrow. [USA Today via How Appealing] * Elsewhere in SCOTUS news, Justice Breyer gets a shout-out in the title of a new study: “‘People […]

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    Is Teaching at Law School a Form of Community Service? Bill Lerach Thinks So

    Victims of what anti-law-school bloggers have dubbed “the law school scam” might argue that working for a law school, or at least the kind of law school that saddles students with debt and can’t get them jobs, is closer to a crime than community service. There is certainly an argument that law professors who aren’t […]

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