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In-House Lawyers Discover a New Way to Waste Time

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And no, it’s not instant messenger. It’s this thing called blogging
Sun Microsystems General Counsel Mike Dillon has started a blog (the blandly named “Legal Thing”). According to the WSJ Law Blog, it’s the first blog launched by a Fortune 500 GC. Dillon explains why he’s blogging in these terms:

My primary motivation is a question that I am frequently asked. It comes in two forms. From others in my profession, it is articulated as: “What is it like being the General Counsel of a Fortune 500 company like Sun Microsystems?” From my children it is posed as: “Daddy, what do you DO at work all day?”

We don’t know anything specific about Dillon. But if he’s like general counsels at most big corporations, the answer is pretty simple: “I hire outside counsel to do everything for me, including wiping my ass. Then I bitch to them about the bill. And then I collect my grossly inflated paycheck, before leaving the office to get in a round of golf in before dinner.”
This Should Be Interesting [The Legal Thing]

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