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Juris Kupris: The Mystery Is Solved

chandra collier juris kupris.jpgYesterday we wondered aloud about how the wedding announcement of Chandra Collier and Juris Kupris made it into the New York Times (which is notoriously picky about which announcements it runs). This reader email expressed our sentiments exactly:

Check out the Chandra Collier/Juris Kupris wedding announcement. It seems completely out of place. Neither family is from New York. She went to Indiana. He is a fitness trainer. The announcement is very, very short.

Why was it included? The picture. He looks like a male model.

I guess this means you can get into the Times if you have an impressive job, an impressive family, or an impressive photograph.

Courtesy of another reader, who did a little research for us, we have some answers:

1. Juris Kupris isn’t just “a fitness trainer,” as the Times modestly describes him. He’s actually a brand unto himself. Check out the fancy website for his fitness company.

2. You can get into the Times if you have an impressive job, an impressive family, an impressive photograph — or an impressive publicist.

Kupris is represented by NYC powerhouse publicist Lizzie Grubman. After Grubman threatened to run over the entire Sunday Styles staff with her Mercedes SUV, they were more than happy to accommodate the Collier/Kupris announcement.

Juris Kupris Fitness [official bio]
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