Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: September 10, 2006

legal eagle wedding watch david lat above the law legal blog law blog david lat david lat atl.JPGSorry this installment of Legal Eagle Wedding Watch is so darn late. Alas, the early part of this week was consumed by the ERISA Hotties Contest.
We have to add, however, that last weekend’s NYT weddings were a little uninspiring. It wasn’t a problem of quantity, as was the case with the September 3rd nuptials; there were tons of weddings involving lawyers. Rather, it was a problem of quality. Very few of the couples reached out to us, grabbed us by the tuxedo lapels, and said, “You simply MUST write about us!”
But we did manage to pick out three couples for review:

1. Mary Catherine Campbell, David Nir

2. Michèle Lallemand, Joseph Brazil

3. Meredith Wepner, Judd Grossman

Find out who wins, after the jump.

1. Mary Catherine Campbell and David Nir
Résumé score: 8.8. Perfectly respectable. She’s Harvard College (cum laude) and Georgetown Law (cum laude), headed for Kronish Lieb (soon to be Cooley Godward Kronish). He’s Yale College and Georgetown Law, headed for Morgan Lewis & Bockius (New York office).
Family score: 8.0. His parents — a psychologist and published author, and a psychiatrist and published author — are more high-octane than hers — a court bailiff and an instructor’s assistant.
Balance score: 9.0. On the whole, very good. She may have a slight advantage academically (undergrad and law school honors), but he excels on the parental front.
Overall score: 8.60.
Additional comments: Mary Catherine’s parents don’t seem to have lucrative jobs; but her father resides in ritzy Shaker Heights. Family money?
2. Michèle Lallemand and Joseph Brazil
Résumé score: 9.2. Black power couples are beautiful. He’s Stanford, Columbia Law, and White & Case — where he’s a partner in the bank finance group, at the tender age of 35. She’s a Wellesley grad working in television. Very, very nice.
Family score: 9.0. Her father is the chief of neurosurgical anesthesia at Lenox Hill (our eyebrows go up). His father is also a doctor (our eyebrows go up some more). His mother is a retired school administrator. Impressive.
Beauty score: 9.0. This is a lovely pair. Her Mocha Frappuccino® skin, fine features, and glossy gorgeous lips are especially noteworthy.
Balance score: 9.2. Very well-balanced. His career may be more high-powered than hers; but she’s more lovely than he is. It’s a time-honored trade.
Overall score: 9.10.
Additional comments: Their parents are doctors. They went to great schools. They got married on Martha’s Vineyard — a traditional retreat for the black upper class. Lawrence Otis Graham would call them “[His] Kind of People.”
3. Meredith Wepner and Judd Grossman
Résumé score: 9.1. They both went to U. Penn. for their undergraduate studies — she graduated magna, he graduated cum. He also did his law degree at Penn, then clerked for Judge Jerome B. Simandle (D.N.J.) (who may get promoted to the Third Circuit). Judd will then join the New York office of O’Melveny. Meanwhile, Meredith went to med school (Mount Sinai); she’s now a pediatric resident there. Doctor-lawyer combos are always great — it’s nice to have one of each in a family.
Family score: 9.2. Lawyers and educators on both sides. Her father is a patent lawyer in Westfield, New Jersey; her mother is the dean of education at Manhattanville College. His mother is the director of student life at the Fashion Institute of Technology; his father is the senior partner in the Pomerantz Law Firm, a New York-based, plaintiff’s class-action firm, with about twenty attorneys.
Balance score: 8.9. Cross-professional comparisions are always tough. But a resident in pediatrics and an associate at O’Melveny (NY), who went to the same undergraduate school and have similar family backgrounds, are well-balanced.
Overall score: 9.07.
Additional comments: A question for the bridegroom’s mother, Nancy Grossman, of FIT: How will you keep up with Parsons, in the wake of Project Runway?
THIS WEEK’S WINNING COUPLE: Michèle Lallemand and Joseph Brazil, who finish a nose ahead of Meredith Wepner and Judd Grossman. Michèle and Joseph are a formidable couple; they’ll be strong contenders for September 2006 Couple of the Month. Congratulations!
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