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Non-Sequiturs: 09.07.06

crossword puzzle.jpg* That’s interesting: crossword guru Will Shortz is a UVA Law alum. And we love the opening question of this interview — even if it’s not terribly PC. [TJ’s Double Play]
* The saucy blog commenter who (unintentionally) got Lee Siegel’s TNR blog taken down: Kramer Levin associate Joseph Schwartz, self-described “reluctant lawyer” and “frustrated” fiction writer. Take a number, Joe. [New York Observer]
* Getting those ankle bracelets removed would be oh-so-liberating. [The Independent via DealBreaker]
* Our ERISA Hotties Contest isn’t the only poll in progress here at Above the Law. Don’t forget to vote for August 2006’s Couple of the Month! [ATL]

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