Skaddenfreude: Non-Lawyer Salaries

100 dollar bill Above the Law Above the Law law firm salary legal blog legal tabloid Above the Law.JPGWelcome to the latest edition of Skaddenfreude: Totally Gauche Ogling of Other Lawyers’ Incomes.
Normally we offer you a round-up of how much various lawyers around the country are making — and how many billable hours they’re racking up. But today we’re going to do things a little differently. Many readers of this blog are people who work in the legal profession, but who aren’t lawyers (or who will be lawyers eventually, but aren’t yet). And some of these readers kindly sent us their compensation information. So today we shine the salary spotlight on these non-lawyers with law-related occupations:

(1) contractor-investigator, aerospace company/Justice Department, based in a large city, specializing in disability rights, class of 2004: $48,000 (incl. health and welfare benefit; base is “a meager $41,000”);*

(2) procurement specialist, engineering and construction company, based in a small city, specializing in contract and construction law, class of 2000: $55,000 (plus “profit sharing and all the slide rules I can bogart”);**

(3) intellectual property manager/in house counsel’s office (and evening law student), biotechnology company, metropolitan area of a large city, class of 2008 (law school): $80,000.

Our Skaddenfreude hopper is almost empty right now. Please help us out by sending us your income information, by email, to tips AT abovethelaw DOT com (subject line: “Skaddenfreude”). The components of a submissions package are listed here.
If you’re a counsel or partner (equity or non-equity) at a big law firm, we’re especially interested in hearing from you. As we’ve explained previously, you will be kept anonymous. We thank you in advance for your contributions.
* Clarification: This reader is a law school graduate; and even though the holder of this position does not have to be a lawyer, legal training is strongly preferred.
** Correction: We misapprehended our reader’s submission; this individual is a lawyer. “I do contracts. And boy, do I do contracts.” We apologize for the error. Who knew that a lawyer would be so keen on slide rules?
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