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Summer Associate Stories: Will the Real Assigning Partner Please Stand Up?

behind the 8 ball.gifIn response to our repeated requests for summer associate stories, a few have started trickling in. But we need more. So please email them to us, at tips AT abovethelaw DOT com.
We’ll kick things off with this tale of a summer associate at an intellectual property firm. It’s amusing, but not scandalous. (We’re saving the more scandalous ones for later.)

One summer associate in this year’s was particularly socially inept — he’d always complain about the food (because nothing met his preferences), had no problem asking senior partners about bonuses, payscales, and the like during his first week, and brought his girlfriend (who worked for a competing IP firm) to every firm event that she could make.

About three weeks into the summer, this summer associate forgot which of the partners had given him an assignment… so he emailed ALL the partners, asking which of them gave him the assignment. Brilliant.

Pretty bone-headed, huh? But he’ll surely get an offer. People who have sent out far more embarrassing emails have still wound up with offers — like this guy
The Career Consequences of a Notorious Reputation [Concurring Opinions]
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