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Lawsuit of the Day: And We Wrote “The Joshua Tree”

green day american idiot.jpgUnchallenged by offering customers the choice of paper or plastic, one young store clerk has decided to venture into copyright law. From

Paul McPike, a 32-year-old grocery store employee in Medford, OR, has sued Green Day, claiming he wrote the lyrics and composed the melodies for the band’s highly acclaimed 2004 album, American Idiot.

McPike’s filed a copyright infringement complaint in U.S. District Court last week, claiming that he wrote the album in high school during 1992. The only evidence submitted was a copy of the album, stating that the words lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong sings don’t exactly match those printed in the liner notes.

Since McPike has never performed publicly, he assumes that that a friend must have recorded him singing at home and somehow that recording reached Green Day.

We doubt this guy wrote American Idiot; but he certainly sounds like one.
Oregon Grocery Store Employee Claims He Wrote “American Idiot”, Sues Green Day []
Man Says He Wrote Green Day’s Songs [Southern Oregon Mail Tribune]

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