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Lawsuit of the Day: Shouldn’t This Be a Class Action?

omelette eggs.jpgWhenever we visit the Deep South, we make a pilgrimage to the local Waffle House. We confess to a weakness for the chain’s famous “Scattered, Smothered and Covered Hash Browns.”
But now we wonder: What exactly are the hash browns “covered” in?

A police officer has filed a lawsuit against the Waffle House restaurant chain and one of its former cooks, claiming the cook admitted to spitting in the officer’s food.

Police Lt. John Morgan accused 19-year-old Homer Disher in the lawsuit of spitting in his order of hash browns and eggs before serving them to him last September….

Morgan said he thought Disher was upset over a warning he gave Disher and a friend during a traffic stop a few weeks before the incident.

We find in favor of the plaintiff. The defendant cook’s name is “Homer Disher,” so liability is presumed.
Next, the question of damages:

The lawsuit seeks $82,500. In court papers, Morgan said Disher told his manager what he had done and the manager did nothing to warn Morgan or report the incident to police.

Eighty-three grand — and Officer Morgan didn’t even consume the adulterated meal? This strikes us as excessive. If this were “Fear Factor,” he’d at least have to eat the spit-drizzled breakfast to get the money.
Tenn. Police Officer Sues Waffle House [Associated Press]

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