Lawyer Kid Anecdotes: Mammas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Litigators

lawyer and baby kid child.jpegHere at ATL, we have a weakness for little kids (and not in the John Mark Karr or Mark Foley kind of way). We think they’re absolutely adorable. We like to put up cute photos of them. And now we’re going to publish some cute stories.
The occupations of one’s parents can definitely shape one’s personality.* The children of academics are often intellectual but socially awkward. The children of doctors are frequently hypochondriacs. The kids of psychiatrists tend to have an above-average number of “issues.”
And what about the children of lawyers? On the plus side, they tend to be whip-smart, analytically sharp, and highly articulate — which explains why many of them go into law themselves. But there’s a flip side to the coin: lawyers’ kids can be nit-picking, argumentative, and questioning of authority (which can be healthy in a democracy, but not when you’re trying to enforce a bedtime).
This little story, about the three-year-old daughter of two lawyers, is illustrative:

We have a rule against jumping on the bed. But once, after taking [X] out of the bath, I put her on a towel on top of the bed. She began jumping.

I reminded her that there was to be “no jumping on the bed.” Her response: “But I’m not jumping on the bed — I’m jumping on the towel!”

What rigorous statutory interpretation! Is Justice Scalia still hiring?
Have a lawyer kid anecdote of your own that you’d like to share with us? Please submit it by email (subject line: “Lawyer Kid Anecdote”). Thanks!
* At least according to stereotypes and conventional wisdom — which we do not endorse, have not verified independently with any research, etc.
Update: One more story, about the same brilliant three-year-old, is available here.

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