Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: October 15, 2006

legal eagle wedding watch david lat above the law legal blog law blog david lat david lat atl.JPGO happy day! After weeks of delinquency, we’re completely caught up here at Legal Eagle Wedding Watch. This post rates and reviews couples from this past Sunday’s NYT weddings page.
Update: For those of you who are first-time visitors to ATL — thanks, Instapundit! — Legal Eagle Wedding Watch is explained here.
Yet another painfully slow weekend for lawyer nuptials. In fact, we found only one lawyer-lawyer couple. Here are today’s contestants:

1. Jennifer Greene, Kenny Marines

2. Trish Lisa, Peter Wilson

3. Emily Nelson, Zachary Cunha

Numerical scores and commentary for each couple, after the jump.

jennifer greene kenny marines jennifer l greene.jpg1. Jennifer Greene, Kenny Marines
Résumé score: 8.7. Both are Williams College grads. She went to Brooklyn Law (cum laude), clerked for a bankruptcy judge (in the S.D.N.Y.), and will be going into bankruptcy — the department, not the financial state — at Simpson Thacher (the other highlight of their credentials, besides Williams). He’s an associate at the Tishman Speyer real estate firm.
Family score: 8.4. Her father is a veterinary surgeon, and her mother is the senior VP of a technology and services company. His father is a retired carpenter, and his mother is a home health care attendant for the elderly.
Balance score: 8.7. Hard to gauge the impressiveness (or profitability) of Kenny’s employment with Tishman Speyer; but it seems to us that Jennifer has the edge.
Beauty score: 9.4. Yes, this is one of the highest scores we’ve awarded in a long time — but check out that photo! They’re both gorgeous. If she’s 5’8″ or above, she belongs on a runway. And so does he. You know someone is truly beautiful when they look great even with a shaved head. It’s all about the features.
Overall score: 8.80.
Additional comments: Extra points if this is a multi-ethnic union. A rabbi officiated, so one or both of them is Jewish; but we’re guessing that Kenny is Latino, based on the names of his parents (Emelania Fernandez and Juan Marines).
2. Trish Lisa, Peter Wilson

Résumé score: 8.3. She did her undergraduate work at Colgate, and he was at Loyola College. Both are cum laude graduates of Pace Law School. She’s in the New Jersey office of Thacher Proffitt & Wood; he’s a JAG lawyer at West Point.
Family score: 8.8. Her father is director of institutional bond sales at Citigroup — delicious. Her mother is the superintendent of the Englewood Public School District — impressive. His father, a retired NYPD sergeant, is a deputy sheriff in Rockland County. His mother is an executive administrator at the Rockland County Police Academy. Don’t mess with the Wilson family!
Balance score: 8.9. Graduating from the same law school, with the same academic honors, counts for a lot.
Overall score: 8.67.
Additional comments: Her family is from the lovely (and affluent) town of Ridgewood, New Jersey, which has a most charming main street. Not many towns do these days. Where have all the suburban downtowns gone?
3. Emily Nelson, Zachary Cunha
Résumé score: 8.6. Emily, a cum laude graduate of St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, works as an executive assistant in the ad sales division of Comcast. Zachary, a graduate of Brown and GW Law School, works as an AUSA in the Eastern District of New York — very nice. (He’s in the civil division, which may be marginally less sexy than the criminal division; but it’s still a highly impressive credential.)
Family score: 9.0. Her late father taught organic chemistry at St. Joseph’s. His father is the chief of the infectious disease division at Winthrop-Univerity Hospital, as well as a professor of medicine at SUNY Stony Brook. Two very accomplished dads.
Balance score: 8.4. At least based on their résumés, he has the more high-octane career. (No photo, so we don’t know how they look; sometimes a credentials imbalance is offset by a corresponding imbalance in the looks department.)
Overall score: 8.67.
THIS WEEK’S WINNING COUPLE: Jennifer Greene and Kenny Marines. Their exceedingly high beauty score gave them a lead over the two other couples that they never relinquished. Congratulations!
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