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The Eyes of the Law: Conservative Lawyers at Play

national review cover let's roll.jpgWe’re always grateful for legal celebrity sightings for Eyes of the Law, our sightings column. So please keep them coming (by email).
Recent sightings have been rather Washington-centric. So if you spot a famous lawyer, judge, or law-related TV personality outside the Beltway, we’d be especially interested in hearing from you.
Our latest sightings come from the heart of downtown D.C. A tipster reports:

I was hoping to score some Supreme Court justice sight-ations, in addition to miniburgers, at the Charlie Palmer Steakhouse — the venue for the noisy and expensive National Review Online Tenth Anniversary party Wednesday night. But I mostly saw B- and C-listers.

* Is Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney a lawyer? He’s taller than I thought, has a very authoritative voice, and was mobbed by groupies throughout the evening.

We’re not sure of Romney’s bar admissions or whether he’s ever practiced law. But he is a 1975 Harvard Law School grad (see here).

* Ex-Solicitor General Ted Olson, impeccably dressed, apparently alone, didn’t seem to be taking advantage of the open bar the way some other conservatives were doing.

No surprise there; the former SG is a very proper man. We will pay good money for photographs of Ted Olson downing tequila shots at Smith Point.

* Jonah Goldberg’s lawyer wife was probably there, too, but I didn’t see her.
[Ed. note: Is Goldberg’s wife, Jessica Gavora, actually a lawyer? We don’t believe so. See here and here. But she did work for one — she was a speechwriter for former Attorney General John Ashcroft.]

Jonah Goldberg took control of the PA system to tell a long, unfunny story about the origin of the phrase ‘winged monkey,’ which I promptly forgot.

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