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The Eyes of the Law: Leading Blawgers at Lunch

macaroni grill.GIFEarlier today, we noted that prominent legal bloggers Howard Bashman, of How Appealing, and Professor Michael Dimino, of PrawfsBlawg, would be having lunch today.
We expressed interest in the details of their meal. And now we have them, courtesy of a Harrisburg reader:

Bashman and Dimino went to — brace yourselves — the Macaroni Grill. Yes, A3G would probably be appalled. But you have to understand that Harrisburg ain’t exactly New York or Paris on the dining front.

As for what they ate, it looked like Bashman had a Caesar salad. Very virtuous of him. Dimino seemed to be enjoying something more exciting, maybe chicken parmigiana or something.

So there you have it — another exciting day in the life of two law bloggers. Maybe you can use this as a ‘celebrity sighting,’ if you’re having a slow day.

As a matter of fact, we are. So thanks!
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