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The Runaway Bride Chases After Money — And Ugly Furniture

gold sofa golden sofa.jpgOur long national nightmare is not yet over. Jennifer Wilbanks, aka “The Runaway Bride,” is making headlines once again.

The “runaway bride,” who took off days before her lavish wedding in 2005, is suing her former fiance for $500,000, claiming he defrauded her out of her share of their assets.

Jennifer Wilbanks is seeking $250,000 as her share of a home she says John C. Mason purchased through the partnership with proceeds from $500,000 received for selling their story to Regan Media in New York.

Leaving your fiancee high and dry at the altar, disappearing for several days, and telling the police a phony story of abduction and sexual assault are pretty bad things. But the lawsuit has brought to light an even greater transgression:

[L]etters included as exhibits in the lawsuit show that the former couple has been in dispute over personal property Wilbanks claims Mason has kept. The items include a ladder that belonged to her father, a gold-colored sofa, a new vacuum cleaner and wedding shower gifts.

A “gold-colored sofa”? Quelle horreur! Did they go dumpster-diving at Trump Tower?
Yet Wilbanks, who presumably registered for or picked out said sofa, wants it back. And that, in our book, is a capital offense — against good taste.
‘Runaway Bride’ Sues Her Former Fiance [Associated Press]

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