Holy Crap

You Really Shouldn’t Be Reading ATL Right Now

Instead, you should be reading about the small plane aircraft that just crashed into a residential high-rise building in New York City.
Actually, we take that back. You can read about the crash right here; we’re following the story on the cable news networks. Refresh your browser for our updates on this developing story.
Update #1: At least two confirmed dead. Initial reports suggest that this incident is NOT terrorism related.
Update #2: Drudge has changed his headline text from red back to black. According to DHS spokesman Russ Knock, “The initial indication is that there is a terrible accident.” Up in New York, home of our corporate Mother Ship, the NYPD is out in full force.
Update #3: CNN is now reporting that the pilot of the four-passenger aircraft, which took off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, put in a “mayday” call before the crash. The pilot cited a fuel problem.
Update #4: A pitcher for the New York Yankees, Cory Lidle, may have been on board the aircraft in question. Lidle’s passport was found on the street after the crash.
Update #5: At least four people were killed in the crash.
Small Aircraft Hits Manhattan Building [Associated Press via Drudge]
Small Aircraft Crashes into Manhattan High Rise [Reuters]
Small Aircraft Hits Building in Manhattan [New York Times]

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