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ATL Party Crash: Wherein the Harvard Federalists Throw a Bitchin’ After Party

Fed Soc 20.JPGThe Federalist Society Annual Dinner is basically one huge party. And no party would be complete without a rockin’ after party.
The Oscars have the Vanity Fair after-party; the Fed Soc dinner has the Harvard Law School after-party. And it’s supremely convenient. Unlike many after parties, which are held in obscure venues like underground bars or illegal clubs, the HLS Federalist Society party is held just across the hall from the ballroom hosting the dinner.
Like many non-HLS folk, we crashed the Harvard afterparty. Pictures from the raucous festivities, plus a few final photos from the dinner itself, appear after the jump.

Pictures are numbered sequentially, with numbering carried over from these prior posts. Here they are:
Fed Soc 17.JPG

16. Eric Kadel (OT 1998/Thomas), a newly minted Sullivan & Cromwell partner, and his wife, Heather; Elisebeth Collins Cook, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legal Policy; and Brett Gerry (OT 2000/Kennedy), Deputy Assistant Attorney General, National Security Division.
Kadel, Cook, and Gerry are all Silbermaniacs. (Hmm, Kadel, Cook & Gerry — sounds like a good name for a law firm.)
Fed Soc 18.JPG

17. The O’Scannlain clan: Kevin and Dawn O’Scannlain; Kate O’Scannlain Johnson; Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain and Mrs. Maura O’Scannlain; and Matthew Johnson (Kate’s husband, and a Senate Judiciary Committee staffer).
Fed Soc 19.JPG

18. Robert Crea, a future law clerk to Judge John Noonan (9th Cir.); Kate O’Scannlain Johnson; Ryan Bounds, Chief of Staff, Office of Legal Policy (and Assistant Attorney General, Office of Sartorial Counsel); Matt Johnson; Mrs. Maura N. O’Scannlain.
Fed Soc 21.JPG

19. The ballroom of the Marriott Wardman Park, after the Federalists have done their worst.
Fed Soc 22.JPG

20. Emily Schleicher, a future law clerk to Judge Andrew Kleinfeld (9th Cir.), and John Sauer (OT 2005/Scalia).
Fed Soc 23.JPG

21. David Lat; Jennifer Goldstein, Office of Legal Policy; and Daniel Sullivan, current president of the Harvard Federalist Society (and a future law clerk to Judge Edith Jones — who, by the way, brakes for small animals).
(We went to the same high school as Sullivan. Small world!)
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