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Sex in Your Law School Library Is Illegal, and “Necessity Is Not a Defense”

library sex sex in the stacks bookshelves sex.jpgWe reiterate our earlier inquiry: What is UP with law school libraries?
First smells. Then strangers.
Now, sex. This email, from Student Bar Association president Kenley Maddux, just went around at Washington University Law School in St. Louis. Alterations are in the original, except as indicated by “Ed. note.”

From: Kenley Maddux
Sent: Tue 12/12/2006 1:45 PM
To: Announcements
Subject: sex acts

Fellow Students, I received this message as a forward from Dean Bolin, and was asked to pass along the following. This is not a joke.

Excerpts of message from Don Strom, WULAW Police Chief:
Subject: High Priority — Campus Police Alert

Today we were alerted by an Aramark supervisor that some of their employees have noted sex acts occurring at Olin Library and AB Hall. [Ed. note: AB Hall is Anheuser-Busch Hall, the law school building.]

The students usually do not have the common sense or the decency to stop when they are confronted, and seem to expect the Aramark employees to leave and come back later to do their work….

[ARAMARK employees have been instructed to report these incidents to the police in the future, and the campus police will be adding new overnight patrols through the law school. While there is no indication that the past sex acts were other than consensual, the Police will take that possibility seriously and thoroughly investigate every report. — Don Strom]

My advice is, do not have sex at school. My understanding is that, in addition to whatever criminal sanctions are imposed, this will go into your law school record, and that it will be reported to the character and fitness panel of every state or territory that you apply to practice law in. This reporting is not a matter of discretion, and is not contingent on proof of a criminal act. Bar authorities may delay your admission, require remedial activities, or exclude you from the practice of law. Necessity is not a defense (even if your power is out at home). [Ed. note: Emphases added. But we don’t get the part about the power outage.]

You have been warned. — Kenley

Maddux’s position may be unreasonable. “Sex in the stacks” is a time-honored tradition, at both undergraduate and graduate institutions.
But if you’re going to do it, be smart. Follow these useful pointers. And be safe!
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