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ATL Poll Results: Everybody Loves a Feeder Judge

Nothing could win you over. Not Judge Bruce Selya’s impressive vocabulary, Judge Juan Torruella’s magnificent yacht, Judge Kermit Lipez’s niceness and decency, nor Judge Sandra Lynch’s personal charm steely intellect.
In the end, you all turned into prestige whores. You succumbed to his fancy title of “Chief Judge,” as well as his strong track record as a feeder judge to the Supreme Court:
ATL poll results First Circuit 1st Circuit 1st Cir.JPG
Congratulations to Chief Judge Michael Boudin, your favorite First Circuit judge!
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3 Responses to “ATL Poll Results: Everybody Loves a Feeder Judge”

  1. [...] woefully thin on reasoning, not quite on point, or ambiguous. Judge Kermit Lipez, apparently a nice fellow, wrote this refreshingly tidy opinion for the unanimous [...]

  2. [...] a lot of time on it in my own note.Can’t go wrong with a judge named Kermit. Apparently he’s a nice fellow.[Edit: 9:51 AM August 27, 2011--fixed some minor typos and unclear language, and added a link.] [...]

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