Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: December 17, 2006

Legal Eagle Wedding Watch NYT wedding announcements Above the Law.jpgWe’re WAY behind in Legal Eagle Wedding Watch, wherein we review and rate couples involving lawyers appearing in the New York Times wedding pages. But we’re working hard to catch up. And yes, of course we’ll be scoring the recent wedding of Judge Jon Newman and Ann Leventhal.
But first things first. In this post, we reach back all the way to the weekend of December 16-17 (last year’s news, literally). Here are the three couples for your consideration:

1. Sandee Brawarsky, Barry Lichtenberg

2. Sean Kim, Kathy Kim

3. Dara Schatt, Jason Rogoff

Scores and commentary for the newlywed couples, after the jump.

1. Sandee Brawarsky, Barry Lichtenberg
Résumé score: 8.5. They’re a little older than the usual couple — both 50 — so the standards applied to them may be a bit higher. She’s a graduate of U. Penn (summa), who is a freelance writer and the book critic for The Jewish Week. She’s also the author of How To Meet Men as Smart as You — no longer in print, but available on Amazon for twenty-eight cents. Brawarsky does appear, however, to have the credentials for writing such a book. Her new husband seems to be as smart as she is. His undergraduate institution, Queens College (summa), is less prestigious than hers; but he makes up for it with a law degree (from Cornell). He has his own law firm.
Family score: –. The announcement is light on the parental information.
Balance score: 8.8. They’re well-matched. Read on for the story of how they met.
Beauty score: 8.8. In this department, we grade them on a gentler curve due to their age. She’s quite pretty and looks a bit like Donna Murphy. He exudes a boyish appeal. They both look good for 50-year-olds, and they have nice smiles.
Overall score: 8.70.
Additional comments: The story of how they meet is kinda weird — and remarkable. They were fixed up, in a sense, by Barry Lichtenberg’s late wife. Before she passed away in 2003, after fighting cancer, Rifka Rosenwein told Barry that he should marry again. She recommended Sandee Brawarsky to her husband, and said she’s “a good person, she’s pretty and would be good for you.” Wild!
Sean Kim Kathy Kim.jpg2. Sean Kim, Kathy Kim

Résumé score: 8.4. She went to Smith and is now a teacher at a private school in Manhattan. He went to Fordham and then Brooklyn Law School.
Family score: 8.7. It’s a Vows write-up, so there’s not as much info about the parents. Her parents, however, appear to be well-to-do. They live in tony Alpine, New Jersey, where the median home price hovers just under $1.8 million. And her father owns a golf club — as in an entire facility, not a nine iron.
Balance score: 8.8. They’ve known each other since childhood, when Kathy Kim would work the cash register at her father’s driving range, where Sean Kim was a golf prodigy.
Beauty score: 8.7. They’re a bit hard to make out underneath all that Korean wedding get-up; but she appears to have a delicate, fine-boned beauty.
Overall score: 8.65.
Additional comments: They have the same surname: “Kim” (good guess). So no name change needed for the bride. How convenient!
3. Dara Schatt, Jason Rogoff*
Résumé score: 8.6. She’s a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, with a master’s in speech from Emerson College, and she now works as a speech pathologist in Valhalla, NY (where she works with dead Norse heroes). He’s a Columbia grad, now a doctoral candidate at the Jewish Theological Seminary, where he teaches course in the Talmud and Jewish law.
Family score: 8.7. Her father retired as deputy commissioner of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. Her mother is vice president at two property management firms in the Bronx. His mother is a learning disabilities teacher consultant, and his father is a rabbi (so he’s following in his footsteps).
Balance score: 8.5. He seems a bit more high-powered than she is.
Overall score: 8.60.
Additional comments: One advantage of having a rabbi as your dad: He can officiate at your wedding.
* Dara Schatt and Jason Rogoff are a bit of a stretch as a lawyer couple. But we’re including them because we were short by one couple, and because Rogoff teaches courses in Jewish law.
THIS WEEK’S WINNING COUPLE: SANDEE BRAWARSKY and BARRY LICHTENBERG. They may be slightly older than the typical LEWW couple, but they can still compete with — and defeat — the youngsters. Congratulations!
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