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Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton: The Lioness Roars, “I’m In”

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The big news of the weekend: the announcement by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton that she’s opening a presidential exploratory committee. This is, of course, the first step towards a (now inevitable) White House bid.
If you haven’t done so already, check out Senator Clinton’s videotaped announcement. It’s excellent.
Senator Clinton’s intelligence, work ethic, experience and toughness all lie beyond the dispute. But the video highlights her charm, conviviality, and sense of humor. Regardless of whether you’re a Hillary fan or Hillary hater, we think you’ll be impressed by the video.
It’s very well-produced. The nice touches include the lovely side table, featuring pink roses and a discreet photo of her and Bill; Senator Clinton’s deft invocation of her Midwestern roots, replete with a Midwestern accent (listen to how she says “part”); and, of course, her flawless make-up. She looks great even in extreme close-up — which can’t be said for most of us. Can you believe she’s 59 years old?
There is a legal angle to this paean to Hillary (Yale Law School class of 1973). Discussion continues after the jump.

With Hillary in the race, it’s almost certain that the next Democratic presidential nominee will be a lawyer. Check out the trio of top candidates. Expressed in terms of law schools, it’s Harvard (Barack Obama) vs. Yale (Hillary Clinton) vs. UNC-Chapel Hill (John Edwards).
Interestingly enough, for those of you keep track of such things, Edwards attended the least “prestigious” law school. Yet he had, by far, the most successful legal career of the three Democratic heavyweights.
Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago. Hillary Clinton was a partner at the Rose Law Firm, one of Arkansas’s top law firms. These achievements are nothing to scoff at. But John Edwards was one of America’s most successful trial lawyers. He won millions and millions of dollars in verdicts for his clients — and earned millions of dollars in fees for himself.
But enough about John Edwards. Today the spotlight belongs to Hillary. Welcome to the race, Senator Clinton!
Disclosure: Our enthusiasm for Hillary does have an ulterior motive. We are the proud owners of the following domain names:,,,,, and
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