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Judge Richard Conway Casey, R.I.P.

Richard Casey Judge Richard Conway Casey blind Above the Law blog.jpgThe Honorable Richard Conway Casey, of the Southern District of New York, passed away yesterday. He was well-known for being the first blind person to be named a federal trial judge. (Appeals court judge David Tatel, of the D.C. Circuit, was the first blind federal judge.)
An amusing anecdote about Judge Casey, from the AP:

Judge Richard Conway Casey recalls the time he accidentally bumped into a courtroom wall at the beginning of a mob trial. Lawyers and spectators shifted uncomfortably – for just a moment.

“You’re fired!” Casey, 68, told his law clerk, who had accompanied him. “Bring back my guide dog!”

The courtroom burst into laughter.

We extend our condolences to Judge Casey’s family and to his extended family of former law clerks.
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