Bracewell Giuliani LLP Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgAs a presidential candidate, Rudy Giuliani is picking up steam. Meanwhile, his law firm, Bracewell & Giuliani, is doling out the cash down in Texas.
From the Texas Lawyer:

On July 25, Bracewell & Giuliani joined the growing pack of Texas-based firms raising first- and second-year associate raises.

Houston-based Bracewell — with 391 lawyers in the United States, 306 of those in Texas — will raise first-year associate salaries to $160,000 and second-year associate salaries to $170,000 effective Aug. 1, says Melanie Hillis, a firm spokeswoman. Hillis says the firm, which is offering raises to first- and second-year associates in all seven of its U.S. offices, is still evaluating how to structure raises for third- through eighth-year associates.

Read the full article for an insanely detailed summary of the Texas pay raise action, which treats the subject like a high school history lesson: “On July 18, Houston-based Andrews Kurth…. On July 21, partners in Susman Godfrey….” (And who killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand?)
Speaking of Giuliani, we’re obsessed with the Obama Girl vs. Giuliani Girl music video. We admire and respect Rudy Giuliani, but even we had to laugh at this lyric: “Giuliani girl stop your fussin’ / At least Obama didn’t marry his cousin.”
(Also, the pillow fight at the end is AWESOME. And we love Kucinich Girl.)
Bracewell & Giuliani First- and Second-Years Seeing Green [Texas Lawyer]
Debate ’08: Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl [YouTube via]

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