Jones Day Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgA source at Jones Day has confirmed for us the rumor that the firm’s Atlanta office has raised starting salaries to $150,000. Here’s more detail:

First years are at $150,000, and senior classes are to be paid commensurate with Jones Day’s goals to pay at the top of each market in which it operates. There is also a bonus available starting in 2008, which is allegedly not to be based on hours, but is performance based.

I think it’s a nice move in this market. It doesn’t necessarily address compression, but I still think I am and will be paid pretty well for a great quality of life, relatively speaking. I’ve got no complaints.

But we’re sure that other Atlanta associates have complaints. You can voice them in the comments.
Jones Day to $150k + new merit bonus plan [Greedy South / Infirmation]

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