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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch 9.30.07: Shall We Dance?

Warmest congratulations to our friends Junko Ozao and Jason Choy, whose lovely wedding was written up in this week’s Vows column. Jason is an associate at Kirkland & Ellis, but Junko is a normal person, and that shortcoming cost them a spot in this week’s Legal Eagle Wedding Watch. The news will likely ruin their three-week honeymoon, but such are the ruthless decisions our readers expect LEWW to make.
Here are the six finalists (all lawyers):

1.) Amanda Trivax and Brian Burnovski
2.) Anna Skotko and Ben Vonwiller
3.) Amy Tovar and Benjamin Horwich

More about these legal eagles, after the jump.

1.) Amanda Trivax and Brian Burnovski
(Buy them a braiser.)
The Case:
– Solid educational credentials, with a good mix of venerable Ivy institutions and some hipper “fun” schools: Amanda is Michigan/Columbia, and Brian is Yale/NYU.
– They’re both associates at excellent NY law firms: Weil, Gotshal & Manges for her, Davis Polk for him.
– The “Our Story” blurb on their website is delightfully succinct:

First he randomly emailed her. Then they went on a date. And they fell in love (while on the date). Now they’re getting married.

Bless your hearts for sparing us the gory details — although we’re curious about the contents of that “random” email!
– Sloppy eyebrow alignment, but we can overlook that because they are cute, cute, cute!
The Case Against:
– Their rehearsal dinner was at Comerica Park, home of the 2006 American League Champion Detroit Tigers. Unfortunately for Detroit, it’s 2007, and Amanda and Brian’s rehearsal dinner took place just after the Tigers were eliminated from postseason contention. Bummer.
2.) Anna Skotko and Ben Vonwiller
(Buy them a breadbox.)
The Case:
– Anna and Ben met at Oxford, which — you can’t deny it — is just a classy word to have in your write-up. She was getting a master’s in economic and social history; he was working on a PhD in law.
– From 1994 to 2000, Anna was a dancer with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater and the Boston Dance Company. Many former dancers forge glorious careers in the porn industry, but Anna settled for Harvard and Yale Law School. She’s now bestowing her lithe hotness on the Southern District of New York, where she’ll begin work in January as an AUSA.
The Case Against:
– Once again, LEWW’s prestige meter spits back an error message when we input a foreign degree. Ben’s are from the University of Sydney (with “first-class honors,” which could be English for “summa”).
– What do you do with a PhD in law? Apparently, you become a “project manager” at McKinsey like everybody else.(Ben is also a board member of a company his parents own — yummy!)
3.) Amy Tovar and Benjamin Horwich
(Buy them a nutcracker.)
The Case:
– Prepare to have your eyebrows singed by the smoldering prestige of this two-JD couple! We’ll start with their educational credentials, which are hefty: The bride is Stanford/Stanford; the groom is Princeton/Stanford.
– After law school, Amy clerked for Judge Joel Flaum of the Seventh Circuit, and Ben, who served as president of the Stanford Law Review, clerked in the northern district of California for Judge Vaughn Walker and then on the Third Circuit for Judge Edward Becker. Then he headed to the Supreme Court, where he racked up two more clerkships: for Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, and, following O’Connor’s retirement, for Justice Samuel Alito.
– Both halves of this power couple are now associates at California law firms. She’s at Munger, Tolles & Olson, and he’s at Latham & Watkins.
The Case Against:
– Far be it from us to suggest that one could ever have too much of the resume-whoring goodness that is a federal clerkship, but four judges . . . how many mentors does one person need? Save some ass for the rest of us to kiss, Ben!
– At $6,155 for everything, their china isn’t the most expensive we’ve seen, nor is it the ugliest (that honor belongs here). Still, LEWW predicts that the couple’s grandchildren will know it as “Grandma’s hideous china with the red spider-things.”
The Verdict:
We’ve always known there would come a day when a member of the Elect would fail to win Couple of the Week. That day looms ever closer — but hell no, it’s not here yet! Congratulations to Team Tovar-Horwich!

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