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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: Couple of the Month for September

Legal%20Eagle%20Wedding%20Watch%20NYT%20wedding%20announcements%20Above%20the%20Law.jpgWe’re long overdue to crown an ATL Legal Eagle Couple of the Month for September. Before the poll, we should mention that for once, our collective readership seemed to agree with us — last week’s Couple of the Week contest (we put the weekly pick to a vote, in a break from our normal practice) was a very, very close call. The aristocratic Team Boyd-Lockhart squeaked by the competition with 35.5 percent, but Team Schonmuller-Williams and Team Leung-Lin made strong showings with 33.9 percent and 30.6 percent, respectively. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all three couples for being so freaking awesome.
Now, on to September’s contest, which is basically Stanford versus Douglas Ginsburg. You can read all about the nominees, and cast your ballot, after the jump.

1.) Deborah Lipman and Matthew Fox
(Buy them a butter dish.)
The Case:
– This couple met as law students at Stanford (they graduated in May). How delightful to have a bit of a west coast focus this week, with three Stanford grads! (Only two in this union, of course — we’re at least a decade away from polygamous marriages in the NYT.) For undergrad, Deborah was magna at Duke and Matthew was magna at Columbia.
– They won’t be home much, but they’ll still be seeing a lot of each other, because they’ll both be associates at Cravath!
The Case Against:
– “Cravath, Swaine & Moore, a New York law firm”?!? C’mon, wedding section editors — how would you feel if we called the NYT “a New York newspaper”? Not so great, huh? Please ensure that Cravath gets the definite article treatment from now on.
2.) Deecy Gray and Douglas Ginsburg
(Buy them a can opener.)
The Case:
– The bride is the director of Frontiers of Freedom, a nonpartisan public policy institute. As for the groom, you may have heard of him: He’s the chief judge of the DC Circuit!
– Doug and Deecy’s officiant was the very crown prince of Article III royalty: Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. And wait — there’s more glittering judicial resplendence! The ceremony actually took place inside that sacred temple of our profession, the Supreme Court building. (Don’t look down, LEWW readers — these heights are dizzying.)
– How cool does Judge Ginsburg look now, twenty years after his nomination to the Supreme Court was withdrawn? Pot-smoking is pretty much a non-issue these days unless you’ve toked up with naked Congressional pages. And unlike Robert Bork, Ginsburg didn’t leave the bench in a huff and launch a career of bitter, gloom-mongering sourpussery. A class act, LEWW thinks.
The Case Against:
– Deecy and Doug’s friends must be some stingy bastards, because nothing has been purchased from the couple’s Crate & Barrel registry. LEWW calls upon ATL readers to help stock the newlyweds’ cupboards! (Yes, 42 champagne flutes is arguably overkill. But at at 4 bucks each, they’re almost disposable.)
3.) Amy Tovar and Benjamin Horwich
(Buy them a nutcracker.)
The Case:
– Prepare to have your eyebrows singed by the smoldering prestige of this two-JD couple! We’ll start with their educational credentials, which are hefty: The bride is Stanford/Stanford; the groom is Princeton/Stanford.
– After law school, Amy clerked for Judge Joel Flaum of the Seventh Circuit, and Ben, who served as president of the Stanford Law Review, clerked in the northern district of California for Judge Vaughn Walker and then on the Third Circuit for Judge Edward Becker. Then he headed to the Supreme Court, where he racked up two more clerkships: for Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, and, following O’Connor’s retirement, for Justice Samuel Alito.
– Both halves of this power couple are now associates at California law firms. She’s at Munger, Tolles & Olson, and he’s at Latham & Watkins.
The Case Against:
– Far be it from us to suggest that one could ever have too much of the resume-whoring goodness that is a federal clerkship, but four judges . . . how many mentors does one person need? Save some ass for the rest of us to kiss, Ben!
– At $6,155 for everything, their china isn’t the most expensive we’ve seen, nor is it the ugliest (that honor belongs here). Still, LEWW predicts that the couple’s grandchildren will know it as “Grandma’s hideous china with the red spider-things.”
Here’s the poll:

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