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Nationwide Pay Raise Watch: Everyone’s A Winner at One Hundred Sixty

Nixon Peabody LLP horrible theme song Above the Law blog.jpgA law firm for which we have special affection here at ATL, Nixon Peabody, has raised starting salaries to $160,000 in its Washington office. Cue the theme song!
Oddly enough, this change isn’t reflected in the firm’s NALP form, which lists them at $145,000. But Nixon Peabody is advising recruits that it now pays $160K in DC (and perhaps it has raised in other offices, although we’ve only heard about Washington).
In case you’re curious, the firm’s email to recruits appears after the jump.

From: Talithia Hillman
Subject: Nixon Peabody – Invitation to Visit Office
Dear [redacted],
We very much enjoyed meeting you during the BLSA Mid-Atlantic Job Fair on Saturday, September 8, 2007. [Redacted] was impressed with your experience and qualifications.
We are pleased to confirm our invitation for you to visit our Washington, D.C. office for further interviews regarding a 2008 summer associate position. We believe the best way for you to get to know about Nixon Peabody (and for us to get to know you) is to schedule a series of interviews with several of our attorneys.
Please contact, me Lisa Hillman, Professional Personnel Assistant at [redacted] to arrange a mutually convenient date for your visit. You may also contact me via email at [redacted].
Also, please note that we recently increased the Washington office salary for first year associates to $160,000 per year and for summer associates to $3,100 per week. I mention this because the change was effective on September 1 and may not have been reflected in the NALP data you reviewed.
Thank you for your interest in NP. We look forward to hearing from you.
Lisa Hillman
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