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Not Yet at $160K? Seyfarth It Ain’t So!

Seyfarth Shaw LLP AboveTheLaw Above the Law blog.jpgOr maybe it is. From a tipster:

Several offices of Seyfarth Shaw met yesterday and today to discuss the results of the Am-Law Mid-Level Associate Survey, as well as those from an internal survey distributed. [T]he data revealed in these surveys reflected a considerable level of dissatisfaction from associates regarding a variety of areas, and [discussion was held] to cover some of the things the firm is doing to address them (as discussed at the Partners retreat in late September).

When this non-descript “Associates Meeting” was announced last week, most of the associates believed it was to discuss that fact that Seyfarth was finally going to get off ATL’s List of Shame and raise to 160k. However, to our surprise, the whole issue of salaries was completely glanced over. It was merely conveyed that the Compensation Committee was still compiling data regarding recent “market trends in compensation” and would be “meeting” (not necessarily deciding anything) in December.

Seyfarth really continues to amaze….

Okay, so you’re getting below-market pay (except in New York, where associates start at $160K). But look on the bright side — at least your firm makes awesome videos! From an earlier message:

I am not sure how you can get your hands on this, but Seyfarth Shaw did a professional-quality “MTV-Cribs” spoof for the opening of its new Chicago office last fall where Steve Poor (managing partner) walked around in a Hugh Heffner-style smoking jacket showing off the firms new office space. It was clearly a joke (unlike the Nixon Peabody fiasco) and the firm showed it to the new first year associates during first year orientation. However, I would pay money to see that video again….it was hilarious!

If any of you has a copy of said video, or knows how one might be obtained, you know where to reach us.

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