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A Night at the Federalist Society Birthday Bash

Alex Kozinski David Lat.jpgWe now yield the floor to Laurie Lin. Who better to report on one of the year’s biggest social events than the writer of Legal Eagle Wedding Watch? Over to you, Laurie.
Ambition and Old Spice wafted sweetly through the air last night at the Federalist Society’s 25th Anniversary Gala at Union Station — a kind of right-wing Golden Globes. Nearly two thousand G-ed up conservative lawyers packed the main hall to hear President George W. Bush blast the Senate on judicial confirmations:

“Today, good men and women nominated to the federal bench are finding that inside the Beltway, too many interpret ‘advise and consent’ to mean ‘search and destroy,'” Bush said.

Tickets to the black-tie affair were $250 — actually $249, because there was a new $1 Madison coin at every place setting — but that was a small price to pay to breathe the same oxygen as Ted Olson, Antonin Scalia, and Laura Ingraham.
More on the conservative legal fabulosity — including pictures of the people who didn’t hide when they saw us coming — after the jump.

Will Consovoy Dick Wiley.jpg
Will Consovoy, a Clarence Thomas clerk-in-waiting, and Dick Wiley of Wiley Rein.
Hayley Reynolds.jpg
Hayley Reynolds, currently beautifying the Department of Justice front office.
Kevin Newsom Marc Ayers.jpg
Birminghamsters Kevin Newsom and Marc Ayers of Bradley Arant.
David Lauren Petron Nathan Sales.jpg
David Petron of Sidley Austin, DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary Nathan Sales, and Lauren Petron, Judiciary Committee Staffer to Senator Sam Brownback.
Elbert Lin William Pryor.jpg
Mr. LEWW and 11th Circuit superstar Judge William H. Pryor Jr., who got a presidential shout-out last night from the man who appointed him.
The intense networking and vast right-wing conspiring were punctuated by speeches from familiar conservative luminaries. Clarence Thomas and Ed Meese were crowd favorites, but our favorite SCOTUS mind candy was Sam Alito — lean, self-deprecating, and totally at ease. The junior-est Justice left us wanting more!
And finally, because you can’t have too much of the #1 male superhottie of the federal judiciary:
Alex Kozinski Eugene Volokh.jpg
The Koz with UCLA law prof Eugene Volokh (who, by the way, was fantastically gracious about ATL’s narrow victory over the Volokh Conspiracy in the 2007 Weblog Awards).

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