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Featured Job Survey Results: Do New Yorkers Deserve Bigger Bonuses?

New York skyline Manhattan skyline Above the Law blog.jpgIn last week’s ATL / Lateral Link survey, we asked you whether it was fair for associates in New York to get bigger bonuses than associates in other cities, even if they worked the same hours.
We appear to have struck a nerve.
Over two thousand of you responded. Among New Yorkers, 94% of associates thought that the higher bonuses were just fine. More than three fifths of respondents in other cities disagreed, with outrage and arguments spilling over into the comments.
But despite their differences in pay, both New Yorkers and the smattering of other associates who supported those differences came together to give the same reasons for why the higher bonuses are ok, although not in exactly the same order:

  • The higher cost of living in New York (94% of New Yorkers, 80% of others)
  • The higher hourly rates in New York (68% of New Yorkers, 50% of others)
  • The greater competition for hiring associates in New York (53% of New Yorkers, 28% of others)
  • “Because Boston sucks. So does Texas.” (24% of New Yorkers, 18% of Bostonians, 9% of others)
  • “Because New York sucks.” (21% of Bostonians, 9.46% of traitors New Yorkers, 17% of others)
  • Poor Boston. First their bagels, and now this?
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