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Lawsuit of the Day Last Month: Talk About a ‘Special’ Bonus
(The bonus you claim after pleading guilty to paying a mom so you can have sex with her two underage daughters)

James Colliton Jim Colliton Cravath Swaine Moore Above the Law blog.jpg(We missed this case because it happened over the holidays, when we were away from ATL. But we’ve received several requests to cover this super-juicy story, so we’ll go for it, despite being so late to the party.)
We described Schoenfeld v. Allen & Overy, a lawsuit by a Jewish associate against his former law firm, as “the Jewish version of Aaron Charney v. Sullivan & Cromwell.” Now we’re looking at “the pervert-who-has-sex-with-13-and-15-year-old-sisters version of Charney v. S&C.”
From the New York Daily News:

A disgraced lawyer who paid a mother to allow him to have sex with her underage daughters is looking for a payday of his own – from the elite law firm where he once worked.

James Colliton is suing Cravath, Swaine & Moore for $1.45 million, accusing the white-shoe firm of stiffing him on an annual bonus, salary and vacation pay.

Reached by phone at his home in Poughkeepsie, the convicted sex offender refused to talk about his suit, which was handwritten on notebook paper.

“It’s all in there,” Colliton said.

That’s what he told her. Also, we’d expect better than a complaint “handwritten on notebook paper” from James Colliton. If Aaron Charney can type up his pro se complaint against his former firm, surely an ex-Cravath lawyer can do the same.
More discussion, beyond the jump.

Still from the NYDN article:

The 43-year-old tax lawyer formerly earned $500,000 a year at Cravath, Swaine & Moore – where first-year associates make six-figure salaries with bonuses of $35,000. Colliton cried poverty last year, saying he didn’t have enough cash to pay his lawyer. Now he wants his former employer to line his pockets with money for allegedly shorting him on salary and bonuses.

“The [firm] has breached its promise to pay [Colliton] a ‘make-up bonus,’ ” he wrote.

Colliton accused bosses at the firm – where he worked from 2000 until his March 2006 arrest – of inflicting “emotional distress” by snooping on his phone calls and e-mails.

Oh please. Cravath has far more effective ways of inflicting “emotional distress” on its lawyers than a little eavesdropping. They don’t call it the Death Star for nothing.
Colliton told the New York Post:

“My trial with Cravath will, for the first time ever, expose to the public how the most prestigious law firms in the world really operate,” Colliton told the NY Post. “People will be really surprised.”

We shall see. One tipster wonders:

Can you dig up some juicy details about the suit filed by James Colliton against CSM? I’m curious to hear all of the dark secrets that Colliton threatens to divulge about his former employer.

Like the fact that they once employed a guy who paid a mom so he could sleep with her underage daughters?
This lawsuit is pretty ridiculous, but we’re looking forward to following it. If you have any personal knowledge of Colliton or the “dark secrets” about Cravath that he’s threatening to spill, please email us.
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