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ATL Practice Pointer: When Emailing Super-Sensitive Settlement Information, Double Check the Recipient List

email e-mail small message microsoft outlook Above the Law.JPGOr triple check, or quadruple check. Especially when one of the lawyers involved in the case has the same last name as a New York Times reporter.
Assuming the email system in question was Microsoft Outlook, we imagine the panicked Pepper Hamilton lawyer trying to invoke the amusingly ineffectual “Recall” function (à la Judge Marsha Berzon).
Also, we’re thinking of getting our last name legally changed to “Boies.”
Update: As it turns out, Alex Berenson and Brad Berenson are cousins. Small world!
Further Update: This post is subject to a quasi-correction / clarification. See here.
Still Further Update: Actually, the quasi-correction may itself require correction (or at least clarification). See here.
What’s in a Name? Alex Berenson (the crusading reporter) vs. Bradford Berenson (the high-powered attorney). [Starkman & Associates]
Lilly’s $1 Billion E-Mailstrom [Portfolio]
How to Recall an E-mail in Microsoft Outlook []

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