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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch 3.9 and 3.16: Deposing Marriage

For LEWW, one of the best things about spring is the return of a reliable stream of lawyer-lawyer couples to the NYT wedding pages. Soon we’ll even be seeing SCOTUS clerks! This week five out of our six newlyweds sports a JD. Here they are:

1.) Michelle Lieberman and Daniel Lubetzky
2.) Michelle Davidowitz and Jed Schwartz
3.) Jessica Zeldin and Johnston Whitman Jr.

More about our finalists, after the jump.

Lieberman- Lubetzky.jpg1.) Michelle Lieberman and Daniel Lubetzky
(Buy them a silver chest.)
The Case:
– They’re good-looking and do-gooders! Daniel, who was magna at Trinity University (San Antonio) and has a JD from Stanford, is the founder of PeaceWorks Holdings, a kind of “grocery store for peace”:

He began by bringing together Israeli and Palestinian and other Arab businessmen to produce some of the firm’s first products. With that philosophy in mind, he started another operation, involving Muslims, Christians and Buddhists, in Indonesia. He is also the founder of the PeaceWorks Foundation, in New York, which oversees the OneVoice Movement, an organization that supports Israelis and Palestinians committed to resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Michelle, a healer herself, is a nephrologist. She was magna at Penn and received her MD from Yeshiva.
– Cute proposal story:

When it came time to propose about a year later, Mr. Lubetzky asked one of Dr. Lieberman’s friends to arrange to have the hospital’s pharmacist page her with a list of annoying changes in prescription orders. The last item on the list: to meet Mr. Lubetzky at the Mandarin Oriental hotel with a bag packed for the weekend and an evening dress.
“I started crying,” she said, “that’s when I knew.”

The Case Against:
– Their civil ceremony took place in Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg’s study at San Antonio’s Congregation Rodfei Sholom.

Davidowitz-Schwartz.jpg2.) Michelle Davidowitz and Jed Schwartz
(Buy them a mini bar juicer.)
The Case:
– Michelle and Jed have twin JDs from Fordham. She went to Columbia undergrad; he went to Trinity College (Hartford).
– Michelle is an associate at Fulbright & Jaworski, specializing in trusts and estates (her mother chairs the trusts and estates practice in Katten Muchin Rosenman’s New York office). Jed is at Milbank Tweed.
The Case Against:
– Their engagement story includes “pink cupcakes carefully arranged in the shape of an engagement ring.”

Zeldin-Whitman.jpg3.) Jessica Zeldin and Johnston Whitman Jr.
(Buy them a roman antique gold asparagus bowl)
The Case:
– Law firm partners find love! Jessica is a partner at Rosenthal Monhair & Goddess in Wilmington, and Jay is at Entwistle & Cappucci. She’s Northwestern/Wash.-U.; he’s Colgate/Fordham.
– Their story should warm the heart of many a love-starved litigator:

Ms. Zeldin, who lives in Philadelphia, and Mr. Whitman, who lives in New York, first encountered each another across a conference table in Wilmington in May 2002, when they represented clients pursuing claims against DaimlerChrysler over the acquisition of Chrysler by Daimler-Benz in 1998.
Ms. Zeldin said that whenever she took depositions around the country, Mr. Whitman always seemed to be there, too.
That was not a coincidence. “Once I saw her, I tried to arrange my schedule so our appearances at these proceedings would coincide,” he said.

Their “deposition dalliance” turned into drinks, then trips on Amtrak.
The Case Against:
– We can’t find a website for Rosenthal Monhait & Goddess, leading us to wonder about the prestige of Jessica’s firm.
The Verdict:
We really like the earnest world-saving of Team Lieberman-Lubetsky, but this week’s title goes to the passionate partner pairing of Team Zeldin-Whitman!

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