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Lawyers of the Day: Brendan Relyea and Michael Pate

do_not_urinate.jpgOur Lawyers of the Day are do-gooders by day, but public-urinators and face-spitters by night. Brendan Relyea and Michael Pate hail from the Legal Aid Society of New York; their bad behavior at a Brooklyn bar made its way into the pages of the New York Post:

A Legal Aid defense lawyer dropped his briefs in a Brooklyn bar and made a motion to relieve himself – sparking a brawl that landed him and a colleague in legal trouble of their own, The Post has learned.

We almost stopped reading after that terribly punny lede paragraph, but we managed to persevere. Relyea has been charged with public urination, and both are charged with assault, menacing and harassment.
Details of their wild night in Brooklyn, after the jump.

Court papers say Brendan Relyea, 30, grew impatient with the long line to use the men’s room at the Boat Bar on Smith Street on July 10, so he urinated on the floor, splashing a passer-by.
When irate patrons followed Relyea and fellow Legal Aider Michael Pate, 39, outside, disgraced ex-prosecutor Matthew Knouff advised the pair to leave.
His objection was overruled – with extreme prejudice.
“I’m gonna kick your ass,” Pate told Knouff, according to the court papers, before Relyea spat in Knouff’s face and both men punched him and flung him against a roll-down gate.

Relyea and Pate are not the first Legal Aid of New York attorneys to be honored here at ATL. Creepy Peter Barta hid cameras around the office to capture his unsuspecting female colleagues in the nude. Perhaps the three of them should collaborate on a golden shower film.

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