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Nationwide Layoff Getting Laid Watch: White & Case

As noted even in the New York Times, the global mega-firm of White & Case has been hit hard by the recession. But allegedly one of the firm’s associates has been hitting it up — with another man’s wife.
The supposedly cuckolded husband has no intention of allowing this White & Case attorney to get away with an affair. The husband sent two accusatory emails to dozens of recipients who know him and / or the White & Case attorney. The emails have bounced around White & Case’s Miami office — and beyond. Due to their wide circulation, many of you have probably seen them already.
We’ve replaced the names of the participants with pseudonyms, but you’ll get the gist. Here is the initial email sent out on Sunday afternoon from “Cuckolded in Canada,” addressed to (1) his wife, “SexyLexus” (the origin of that name will become clear later); (2) the White & Case associate she was allegedly cheating with, hereinafter “Miami White”; and (3) dozens of third parties:

From: Cuckolded in Canada
Subject: When [Miami White] from White & Case Cheated with my Wife [SexyLexus] in May and June 2009
Miami White,
Families, wives, young children are valuable things. I work hard to take care of my family – a wife, 4 small children under the age of 6. It is the most valuable thing in the world to me.
When you decided to start sleeping with my wife while I was out of town over the last few weeks (May 27 – June 7 2009), you threatened my way of life, and you really hurt a lot of people – most notably the lives of my 4 very young children.
You are a securities lawyer at White & Case, so you know how to do due diligence. Perhaps you thought it was clever or fun, but attending a school recital with my wife who you’ve just met and started sleeping with over the last few weeks is extremely poor judgement. Sleeping with other mens wives, is alone, perhaps the poorest taste and the worst judgement all on its own. It implies a very low moral character. Perhaps you wish to plead ignorance, but a simple search on my name on the internet would indicate that I take a great deal of pride in my family. But after reviewing the text messages between you and my wife it would appear that you did the due diligence, that you knew she was spending the summer with me in Canada starting last week, and that we had small children and you were jeopardizing my family with your actions.
I have tried to contact you numerous times this week to address the situation and ask you to step aside… to let me address the issues now faced in our house. I have contacted your mobile at [Redacted] and your house at [Redacted] but you are too much of a coward to answer. You need to be made aware of your actions and the consequences they bear.
Miami White, and SexyLexus… what follows below are the text messages of your affair over the last few weeks as it unfolds. I would like to especially thank those at [my kids’ school] that watched this unfold at the school concert last week, and did nothing to alert me or defend my family. That is certainly a church and a school I want my children to grow up learning from. You have all seen me drop my kids off and pick them up there every single day for the last year. Did you think to mention anything when I showed up there last Monday June 8 at my kids ceremonies? You know how important they are to me.
And for all of you that think running around with other mens wives or husbands behind their spouses backs is acceptable behaviour – recognize that there are consequences and that many of us that will fight for our families and ferociously defend our home and children.

How’s that for an opening salvo? Wait until Cuckolded starts revealing the text messages between his wife and her purported paramours, after the jump.

Cuckolded in Canada found out about the affair in the most disturbing fashion. An explanation, from his email:

Background: Times have been tight since the recession hit. SexyLexus, my wife, has been home alone for 28 days in May of 2009 when this timeline starts. I am up in Canada starting a company, working very long hours and sending everything home to make ends meet. SexyLexus is sending me nice messages every day, encouraging me to do well and to hurry home so we can all be together as a family.

The business is going well, and I’ve almost caught up on the past bills in less than 30 days since starting the company. I have been working 7 days a week 15 hours days in Calgary. Now we are planning to rent a cottage near Toronto so we can spend the summer together as a family while I open up the Toronto market. I come home – unannounced on Sunday June 7 and on Monday June 8 to make final plans and get passports for our 4 young children… I find her recently discarded blackberry phone in a drawer and plug the battery in. ere is what I found.

What follows are selected text messages between SexyLexus and several of the guys she is allegedly sleeping with, discovered by Cuckolded in Canada (and attached to his emails). Cuckholded also offers his own commentary on the text messages. His commentary appears below in italics.

Cuckolded in Canada: It starts off fast so you’ll need to come up to speed quickly… There are 4 guys SexyLexus is fooling around with… but then again I only have the messages going back to May 28.
3rd Guy to the Party to Sexy Lexus: Just got home. Is it ok if I get there at 1015. Need a shower and have to get pretty for u. Lol.

SexyLexus to Abiding Dude: I would love to talk to u and kiss for hours :)

Abiding Dude: Sweet. Does this involve a rolling stones t shirt?

SexyLexus: More bareback
Cuckolded in Canada: Are you kidding me? We’re married with 4 kids and she’s talking about doing more bareback with this guy?
Miami White: Loving it!
Cuckolded in Canada: This is the first apparent physical contact with Miami White. My guess is Miami White is fooling around with SexyLexus behind his friend Abiding Dude back at this party. Remember – 2 hours ago 3rd Guy to the Party was getting ready to meet SexyLexus at the party and was excited to see her again… This message comes after a long break – I think Miami White and SexyLexus slipped into a room and fooled around a bit. Then Miami White sent the message “loving it”. I guess because he was fucking over his friend, and fooling around with a married woman at the same

You can really feel Cuckolded’s pain. There are more text messages that appear to be about SexyLexus partying and then having sex with Miami White. Excerpts:

Miami White: Am in bed…. reading and thinking of you.

SexyLexus: I would love to cuddle with you right now smell u kiss u talk to u.

Miami White: And much much more. Me too.

SexyLexus: You’re going to stay home? Call me later if u want….

Miami White: Yes, not going out…. Not sure I can go a day without seeing you again.

SexyLexus: I’m dying.

Cuckolded in Canada: (Sexy Lexus says this when she wants to have sex.)

But what really seems to get Cuckolded in Canada’s goat (goose?) is that Sexy Lexus isn’t taking care of their kids. He writes:

Cuckolded in Canada: SexyLexus is already partying again – its been less than 18 hours… Remember this woman has 4 kids and her husband is out of town. The finances are tight. And she is back out partying… Who is looking after my kids?

Later, SexyLexus texts 3rd Guy at the Party: “You r all I need.” Cuckolded comments:

Cuckolded in Canada: In case you lost track, SexyLexus is playing 3 guys at this point. Abiding Dude, 3rd Guy at the Party, and Miami White. Abiding Dude and 3rd Guy at the Party are friends. This is my favorite. Clearly 3rd Guy at the Party is not all she needs. She is messing up a friendship by dating two friends, and has this other 3rd guy on the go.

3rd Guy at the Party – she apparently needs a baseball team at the same time to be happy.

You get the picture. Evidently, Miami White did not. Miami White kept sending text messages — apparently some to Cuckolded in Canada, using SexyLexus’s cell phone — even after Cuckolded’s Sunday afternoon email.
That prompted Cuckolded in Canada to send a second email, this afternoon, to numerous attorneys at White & Case (perhaps the entire Miami office):

From: Cuckolded in Canada
Subject: Miami White (sleeping with my wife) – Porn Star & Pro [SexyLexus] – help?
—Can someone at White & Case please help me and talk some sense to your colleague and ask him to step aside and leave my wife and 4 small children alone? —
To the lawyer sleeping with my wife (again):
Miami White,
Instead of picking up the phone like a man as I asked you to do yesterday, you decided to torment me via text messages via my wifes phone.
Again – I am asking you to remove yourself from the situation. This is my family and my life. You got the attention and sex from my wife that you wanted, but now it is time to step aside and let me sort out the problems you have played a major role in.
And SexyLexus – you now seem to think it is appropriate to hand your phone that I just bought for you to this creep to torment me? He is a [x]-year-old associate at White and Case…. In most firms that means he will probably never make partner. Certainly integrity will be weighed when they do the partnership considerations and he is clearly not White & Case material.
Miami White – SexyLexus has a problem. I am trying to get her help. She is supposed to be a mother of 4 young kids, attending to their needs and looking out for them… but she is out partying 2-4 times a week. That is how she met you, so you know what I say is true. If you read the email I sent you yesterday, you can see she admits to driving our kids around to birthday parties after drinking. My kids are not safe and SexyLexus needs help.
I asked you to stop provoking me and you decided it was a better idea to keep going. I still have the phone and I am still going through it. Here is what I found are her other pursuits while I am out of town.
SexyLexus’s Porn Career
Now – if you want to pick a fight with me, know who and what you are defending. I have attached screen captures taken yesterday from SexyLexus’s very active porn site which has fan postings that show it is very active. If you want to look up her work you can go to the site for yourself: [Link Removed — NSFW]
search on “obeyme999″
Notice the “fan rating” of 868. From what I read on that site last nite – that is a very high fan rating.
In case she takes it down in reaction to this email I have attached screen captures. Apparently her working names are SexyLexus and Lexus888. If you google [SexyLexus’s married name] or [SexyLexus’s maiden name] and or the name[] Sexylexus you will see other of her recent work and probably also get access to her fan club which I believe you should be a member of. If you do a legal search you will also see that she was recently sued by Lexus (the car company) who apparently don’t take kindly to porn stars using their Lexus brand name. The lawsuit is kind of funny, it traces her career from 1999 – before I met her – to just recently.
Also – according to her phone when she was recently in LA she met a gentleman named [OMG, Another One?] who drove up from San Diego and several other of her fans in a hotel room. I don’t know if that video is posted yet. You’ll have to get an account apparently to download her recent video updates.
SexyLexus’s Other Professional Pursuits
Miami White – I have SexyLexus’s phone. In it there are other meetings organized with her fans – including apparently a [Client #99] that she met through her porn site. Apparently – from the text messages – he pays her to have sex when he flies into town and is staying in Miami Beach. I can’t say for sure what the “nightly” rate is because it was not negotiated in the text messages that I have on the phone here. Perhaps she can tell you?
Miami White. I have asked you politely to step aside. Her mother, [Infinite Sadness], and brother, [Absentee], are working with me to try and get the kids somewhere safe. Why does everyone else see the destruction and pain you are causing except you?
Do you really want to go to the mat over a girl you met 3 weeks ago who is a porn star and has already cheated on you?
I wouldn’t if I was you. The only reason I am pushing this hard is my kids are involved.
I hate doing this remotely via email but you know I am in Canada working and cannot be there in person. Show some self respect and integrity. Step aside and stay away from my family so I can protect my kids.

We are playing phone tag with Miami White. We have emailed Cuckolded in Canada but have not heard back yet. Either he is certifiably insane — wouldn’t it be funny if SexyLexus was an actual porn star that Cuckolded in Canada has an infatuation with, but no marital bond? — or he has totally suffered enough.
I can’t wait to see the next New York Times article featuring White & Case.
Update: For continuing coverage, including our exclusive interview with SexyLexus, click here.

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