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Nationwide Layoff Watch: Husch Blackwell

Thumbnail image for Husch Blackwell logo.JPGThe rate of job loss in the legal sector appears to be slowing, mirroring what’s happening in the economy more generally. But make no mistake about it — unemployment continues to grow, and news of lawyer layoffs continues to roll in (and will probably accelerate once the human shields called summer associates are removed in a few weeks).
A reader passed along this article (subscription), about layoffs at the large Midwestern firm of Husch Blackwell, with commentary:

It’s a pleasure to see my old firm humbled. At least now they are speaking the truth about why people are being let go.

That would seem to be a reference to this snafu from March. Continues the tipster:

Note that co-chair Joe Conran spoke for the firm instead of Dave Fenley, that [redacted]. Meanwhile, Joe (in person) isn’t much better. The guy is [redacted]. He just happens to have the clients, which is why he is co-chair.

In the spirit of Midwestern niceness — Husch’s website boasts that it is “deeply rooted in Midwestern values” — we’ve omitted the ad hominems. Suffice it to say that our source isn’t a fan of either Joe Conran or Dave Fenley.
In this latest round of layoffs, the firm let go of 10 lawyers. In March, it laid off 17 lawyers and 45 staff members. It laid off an undetermined number of lawyers last year.
By our count, that makes three rounds of layoffs. Let’s hope the third time is a charm for Husch.
Husch firm lets go of 10 attorneys [Missouri Lawyers Media (subscription)]
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