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Paul Weiss Pulls Out Of Boston

Paul Weiss logo.JPGMaybe the recruiting people at Paul Weiss read all of the comments from Massholes about Massholes on Thursday’s Suffolk Law thread, and decided to change their recruiting strategy? Or maybe the legal economy really isn’t getting any better? Despite the firm’s generally strong showing during the recession, Paul Weiss has decided to pull out of recruiting at Boston University and Boston College. Here was the short email that students who bid on Paul Weiss received this morning:

You recently bid for the above-referenced firm through the New York BC/BU Off Campus program. The firm has just notified me that they will not be participating in our program in August.
I will be removing your bids from Symplicity. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you.

This is one of the first chinks in the Paul Weiss armor during the recession. So far as we know, the firm hasn’t laid people off, it hasn’t frozen or cut associate salaries, and it hasn’t deferred incoming associates or deferred current summer associates.
With a public facade of such strength, maybe the firm feels like it can scale back on recruiting for its 2010 summer class?
It’s good news if you already work for Paul Weiss, but it also probably means that it will be more difficult for rising 2Ls to get into the Paul Weiss pipeline.
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