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Biglaw Associate and Her Househusband Star in New Fox Reality TV Show

House husband stars.jpgThe Fox Reality Channel has launched a rip-off twist on Bravo’s very successful “Real Housewives” series: Househusbands of Hollywood.
From the New York Daily News:

The reality series, premiering Aug. 15 at 9 p.m., features five stay-at-home men who run the house while their wives head to work.

It features former L.A. Dodger Billy Ashley; aspiring actor Danny Barclay; former “A Different World” star Darryl M. Bell, who’s married to “Cosby Show” actress Tempestt Bledsoe; one-time “Gentleman Bandit” star Charlie Mattera, and Grant Reynolds, husband of “Good Day LA” anchor Jillian Reynolds.

The working woman behind househusband and aspiring actor Danny Barclay is a “high-powered Los Angeles attorney.” The New York Times focuses on the Barclays in its write-up of the episode premiere, due to the morning to-do list that Danny Barclay gets from his wife via e-mail every day, and his sad man-cave in the garage:

Fox Reality describes Katherine Barclay as a “high-powered attorney.” A check with the California Bar Association turned up no trace of her; a Fox publicist said Ms. Barclay practices under another name, which she would not provide, citing “client sensitivities and upcoming trials.”

Thanks to tipsters, we’ve managed to do what the Times couldn’t: identify Katherine Barclay. Find out which firm she’s with, and see clips from the first Househusbands episode, after the jump.

Katherine Barclay (a.k.a. Katherine Smith) is a UVA Law ’06 grad, currently working for Gibson Dunn in Los Angeles. We’re able to make a positive ID thanks to multiple tipsters — plus the fact that we recognize a fellow Duke ’03 grad when we see one (although we don’t recognize Danny Barclay, who says he was a pre-med student there).
Danny ditched the whole medicine thing and is giving acting a go, supported by his high-earning Gibson Dunn wife. You can see the full premiere episode on Hulu. We’re giving you the clips that feature our Biglaw stars. When not trying out for parts, Danny spends his time building “kegerators”:

We can’t say we’re entirely convinced by Katherine’s performance here. One gets the sense that she’s actually thrilled by a kegerator in the kitchen — she is a product of Duke and UVA, known party schools — and is only acting upset for good reality TV drama.
But watch out, Gibson, Katherine does seem serious about having kids:

Too bad Gibson Dunn didn’t make Working Mother’s list of Best Law Firms for Women.
Since Katherine banished the kegerator to the garage, that’s become Danny’s “man-cave.” The other househusbands are not impressed:

We like how Katherine obviously disapproves of the manly gathering and asserts her alpha-female status by telling Danny to bring her a beer.
Scenes from the next episode indicate that Danny is not a fan of his wife’s Biglaw hours. He’s seen yelling at Katherine to either leave at a reasonable hour in the morning or come home at a reasonable hour at night. We’re sure your loved ones can empathize.
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