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Legal Love Triangle We Wish We Hadn’t Heard About

icky love triangle in vinton above the law.jpgStalking, cat fights, cheating, assault, and a secret marriage. This is the scandalous news out of Vinton, Virginia (pop: 7,782) this week, thanks to a lawyer-lawyer-paralegal love triangle.
If you surf over to WDBJ to check out the tale, we advise watching the video and skipping the transcribed broadcast. It hurt our head to translate it. And it hurt our eyes to Photoshop the image at right — click to enlarge (if you dare).
Two bankruptcy law attorneys, Jeffrey Kessler and Ann Marie Miller (an Appalachian School of Law ’06 grad), had been partnering on cases and in the bedroom. Ick. Apparently, Kessler then started secretly dating a younger woman, paralegal Jennifer Kelley.
That’s when things got messy — and, allegedly, violent.

In May, Miller found out that Kessler and Kelley were seeing each other, when Kelley told her the two were engaged. Miller allegedly attacked Kelley on the street, and was charged with disorderly conduct.
Before the court date for that charge, Miller paid a visit to Kessler’s home and discovered Kelley was living there. Shocker! Kelley and Kessler were actually already married, having tied the knot in April. Miller allegedly attacked Kelley again, resulting in a felony charge for breaking & entering and assault.
A felony charge… and dumped for a paralegal. Could things get worse? Yes. Apparently Miller has complaints against her piling up at the State Bar because of cases she’s neglected.
We wish it were a hot legal love triangle. But these Wild Things are not Matt Dillon/Neve Campbell/Denise Richards-lookalikes. Sigh, real life is just so ugly sometimes.
A local lawyer deals with legal problems of her own [WDBJ]

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